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Weather Shenzhen

I think the website of the Hong Kong Observatory offers the most accurate weather forecasts for Shenzhen.



Shenzhen has a subtropical climate, characterized by warm humid summers and dry mild winters.

Klimaat Shenzhen Temperatuur


The subtropical climate causes the temperature never to drop below freezing in Shenzhen. The coldest month is Januari, but even then the temperature often rises till 20 °C.

The summer has abundent rainfall in Shenzhen. The winters are very dry though and for that reason it's often recommended to visit Shenzhen from November till April. 

Klimaat Shenzhen Neerslag

In Shenzhen the yearly precipitation is 1880 mm, compared to  770,6 mm in the Netherlands. This means that in the period of half June till the end of August Shenzhen gets as much rain as the Netherlands gets in one whole year. Take umbrella's with you (or buy one here!).


Hong Kong Observatory Website 

The website of the Hong Kong Observatory contains lots of very good information. In fact so much, that it can be hard to find some of the coolest stuff. Let me highlight what I found interesting:

Personal weather summary Shenzhen (discontinued)

December 2008: contrary to the summer, the winter months have been very dry in Shenzhen. In November and December combined I think we had 1.5 day of light drizzle, all other days fine weather with blue skies and very dry air. Since the middle of december, the temperatures have gone down quite considerably. Since most houses in Shenzhen don't have heating, we now (early January 2009) have to wear our coats at home, because in the evening it's about 14C - too cold!

Januari 2009: it was another fine winter month: very dry and for 2 weeks it was quite cool (max 15C). At the end of the month the temperature went up and now (2nd februari 2009) it is max 21C. There are signs of more clouds, the first signs that the dry season is coming to an end (but it will still take a while). Overall still very nice weather. Only need to wear a jacket in the evening and early morning: in midday it is now warm enough.

March 2009:  It is now early March and the first major spring shower has arrived in the city. Temperatures have also gone down till below 20C (min 14 to max 19).  Thursday the 6th of March we had 20-30mm of rain and some thunderstorms. Thursday was also a special day:  it was the beginning of the third of 24 solar terms in China known as "Waking of Insects", during which hibernating insects are said to awake from winter sleep. The weather is a bit unstable at the moment, but the forecast for the next few days is mainly dry and the temperature could go up again.

April 2009: It is definitely getting wetter, we're now getting rain on a regular basis. It's now the end of April and the temperatures have gone down a bit; we can just wear t-shirts outside, but it's not very warm anymore. We are keeping a close eye on the weather forecast to determine if we need to bring umbrellas. 

May/June 2009: It's now hot (30C) and humid (often around 95% humidity) weather. It mainly rains in the evening, but we've also seen a few heavy rain storms during the day. It's not like it rains every day, but it's definitely safer to bring a small folding umbrella with you now. The hot humid weather makes exercising outdoors quite tiring. In the evening we have turned on the airco a couple of times or otherwise sleep below a thin blancket only.

July/August 2009: Still very hot and humid, and a few heavy thunderstorms and showers, but overall the weather during the day is good. During the evening we turn on the airco quite often. Just make sure you wear cool clothes and it is bearable :)

December 2009: Right now it's raining a little bit outside, weather also much cooler. We normally wear jackets outside (and inside, because no heating). In November the weather was very nice and generally dry.

Januari /Februari 2010: Januari has passed without much interesting weather: cooler and quite dry. Mainly fine weather: while other parts of China had huge snowfall, we only had to wear shirts. Now it's the 10th of Februari 2010 and the temperature was very pleasant today: upper 20s! In the past week we had one severe thunder and rainstorm which is quite unusual for this time of the year. A New Year market was partially flooded, but besides that no major problems. The temperature is expected to drop a bit again, but it won't be long untill the summer arrives again!

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