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A few months ago a totally redesigned and improved version of WebQQ was released and so far we've gotten lots of positive feedback from our users. Many people like the new concept and design. WebQQ2 now looks like the regular QQ client, but on a virtual desktop. I believe WebQQ2 is one of the most innovative Web IM products out there! You can even "install" many other applications and the team is hard at work at improving things even further.
The original WebQQ1 version was launched in early 2009 and for the first time it made it possible to use QQ on environments where we had no native client. WebQQ2 improves on this concept and adds lots of cool new stuff such as real application support and advanced desktop features.

The virtual WebQQ desktop

WebQQ2 desktop


WebQQ2 now has support for applications, a feature that is very important for WebQQ2. When you open , you will immediately notice the application bar on the top. One of the default applications is a web browser, which is quite funny:

WebQQ inside my browser, loading my own website :)

By default a few of the most popular applications are visible, but you can enable many more by clicking on the small button :

Adding applications to your virtual WebQQ2 desktop


This is of course still the most important feature of WebQQ. After you signin, you will see a very familar looking WebQQ client. It's on purpose modelled after the QQ client, because everyone is used to that and it has a simple UI design.


You get an overview of your friends, your groups and recently received messages.

The chat window has similar features as the QQ desktop client. I've numbered them 1-7 above:

  1. chat the font and color of your chat
  2. send a smiley (supports built-in smileys such as :) ) and also custom smileys!
  3. send a file from your PC
  4. make a screenshot locally and share it with your friend (this requires that you install a plugin, because otherwise browsers are not capable of it)
  5. send a picture from your PC
  6. clear the chat history window (I just did that, so you see no text)
  7. option to download your chat history

Extra features

Near the right bottom of the WebQQ desktop are some additional features, which might not be immediately obvious.
new buttons released 6 Dec 2010

These buttons let you do the following:
  1. show the desktop, hide all open windows
  2. enable/disable the QQ sound
  3. open QQ Pinyin web version, so you can always type Chinese!
  4. customize for the theme (see below)
  5. virtual desktops (like in Linux for example)
  6. help
  7. settings, favorite, bookmark and logout
WebQQ2 now even support custom themes (button 8 above)

Q: How do I change my nickname?
At the bottom of the 'QQ' panel (with your buddies), there are two icons. The left is a search icon and the right is to manage your contacts (管理). If you press that icon, you will get a popup window. On that popup window select the third tab to change your own nick and with the second tab and you can change the name of your friends in the second column. You only have to enter the name and it should automatically save it.


WebQQ1 and WebQQ2 share very little in common. The first iteration was a great success product-wise, but we faced some technical limitations. Therefore it was decided to rewrite WebQQ completely. As any programmer knows, version 2 is always nicer to write, because you have all the experiences from version 1 :) And it shows off! We now have a very robust architecture that's easy to extend and maintain. We have used Erlang as an important part of WebQQ, namely to bridge our QQ backend services with the Web. For example it keeps track of the user's state, chat messages etc. The ability to do live upgrades, without forcing people to login again is great, as well as the various features of OTP for fault tolerance. We also use Java and C++ for other parts, but the chat is relying on Erlang. End users will probably not care about all of this, but as a result of the improved WebQQ2 architecture, we can release new features faster than before and everything runs rock-solid.

Previous version of WebQQ(1):

 WebQQ screenshot from the private beta of January 2009:
  1. my online friends
  2. friends with recent activity (like change QZone, update status). Also a new feature here : you can see what other people say about your friend such as their personality etc.
  3. chat window. now supports smileys but no advanced features such as fonts or pictures yet
  4. my open chat dialogues
  5. read my email
  6. my customized friend groups
  7. switch from user-view to group-view


You can even chat on your Wii now (although Opera Wii has some problems with Chinese)



Chinese only, but hey - it's chat, so if you are able to use QQ then it's quite straightforward to use WebQQ as well. The interface is quite similar and there are few distractions so you just click on your friend's picture and you are all set. We're currently not working on an English version.

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Moon   | |2010-04-01 08:03:28
I really having hard time try to figure out how to translate Chinese into English QQ tencent did not help much with all information for new member joins QQ about how to creat group chat also to get VIP ect...etc..I have been trsugger for the days tried to created private group chat but i did not understand when all details been written in Chinese LOL...and also no contact information to send request for help....
Thijs  - Try QQ International     | |2010-04-18 00:13:50
you could , it's the International version of QQ. Available in English, Japanese and French!
hi   | |2011-06-20 21:09:14
the International version of QQ is now 1.1, it expands lots of other languages,
i's great
Qian Qian  - problems   | |2011-03-01 02:13:41
i try to get on and other qq product but it won't let me is there anyway to get on it in school?
taylor  - help!!   | |2012-01-10 13:17:02
I got stuck when they ask for the China Mobile number.. is there any way to solve this as I do not own a China mobile..

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