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Qzone is one of Tencent's most important products and used by over a 100 million people. Qzone is a blog, where users can totally customize their blog. Tencent officially describes it as 'next-generation personalized multimedia space'. It consists of three parts: self-expression, sharing and interaction. Qzone could also be compared to Facebook in this respect, because of its focus on social interaction and customizability. Several Chinese celebrities have their own Qzone pages and it seems like quite a trendy product. It also integrates nicely with other QQ products. For example in QQ IM client you can see when one of your friends updated their Qzone.

Qzone is possibly the largest social network in the world, but these kind of claims always depend on your definition of largest. To put some things in comparison:  Qzone recorded 200 million unique account logins per month by January 31 2009, while Facebook's monthly record is 175 million. Qzone averages about 60 million photo uploads and 9.5 million blog entries daily. It makes you wonder why Facebook gets so much attention ;)

Update July 2009: Qzone has made a radical change to their 'frontpage'. The 'portal' has been removed completely and now just features a login window; more like Facebook style. Qzone is also working hard on bringing more applications. One very popular application is the farming game:


Screenshot from the popular Qzone farming game. On the left you see the application this user has installed, on the right the QQ friends list inside the farming game.
Objective of the game: grow vegetables and steal vegetables from your friends :)



Chinese only, although friends could of course write stories in English.

Technical information

Qzone only used to work in IE browsers. Qzone makes heavy use of JavaScript, thereby making it difficult for search engines to index Qzone and this explains why you don't see Qzone pages in your Google/Baidu search results as much as they ought to. Recently some attempts have been made to improvements in these areas, so there might be light at the end of the tunnel after all :) The usage numbers above will give you some indication about the technical challenges behind Qzone. 

Update July 2009: I am now able to use Qzone in other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. Not everything works perfectly, but it certainly is a huge step forward.




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Dan B  - Support Apple Safari     | |2009-01-24 00:02:08
Will Qzone support Safari browser? Hope so
Thijs   | |2009-02-01 14:28:55
I hope so too, but I don't know unfortunately
ib 77   | |2011-01-12 18:49:10
yes, qzone can on all the users.
i only don't like that it isn't in english.
TIP: if you want to make QQ do it with not with
with qq you get many trouble on your computer or labtop.
you also only can mail with your qq-number to people who don't have qq. i make qq for my friends in china. i tr to mail them to there normale e-mail adres, but that didn't work. if your number is 12345678 then you can send things to foreigners with
Ian   | |2009-02-18 21:02:47
haha. I love your site. it's so useful and i haven't been able to find all that many other sites with this much information on QQ.

I can't seem to figure out how Qzone works (my Chinese is a bit rusty... = =)
are there any tutorials (in english or chinese) that show how to use it?

As well, I have a mac and quite a bit of Qzone seems to work with it (a bit), only excluding things like the photo and club section.
But all of the basic features such as blogging and commenting work.
Thijs   | |2009-02-20 19:40:06
Thanks for your comment Ian, I'm actually not sure if there are such tutorials. I'll ask my girlfriend, because she has a QZone page. When I find it, I'll update the information here!

I know the Qzone team is working on improving cross-browser/platform compatibility, but since that's a totally different department I have no real idea how that is shaping up. As a supporter of Linux and Firefox I also hope it will be improved and can work on the Mac as well.
jen  - QZONE     | |2009-08-15 20:30:42
can you please teach us how to navigate around it?
because i cant read chinese..
Wikkie   | |2010-07-22 17:20:18
How do you find the qq live chat rooms? Are they included in the qq internal?
Nick   | |2010-07-25 12:26:21
Is there a way to set qzone in English? I can't seem to find anything...
Thijs  - English qzone     | |2010-08-01 09:22:24
The only solution that works (partially) : install the Google Toolbar ( ) there is a translate button in the toolbar that allows you to translate Chinese to English for example. After translation there will be a popup to " always translate X to Y ". If you do this, every time you visit Qzone, it will be translated (mostly).

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