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QQVideo is a video sharing site, similar to Youtube, but with many unique features. People can use their QQ account to signin and then start sharing videos, either by uploading or by recording via their webcam.  Users can share videos with their QQ friends, post videos to their blog (for example QZone) and invite people via QQ IM to view videos (your IM contacts are loaded into the website). When you upload a video, you have to select a category and you can enter a short description and some tags. This helps other people find your video easier.


QQVideo contain s many videos (sorry, I dont know how many) and seems to grow at a healthy rate. It's main competitors are Youtube, Tudou and Youku. Tencent has many ways to integrate QQVideo with other products, which should give QQVideo enough momentum to become number 1 in China.


Only available in Chinese, but the UI is pretty straightforward so you can just use this site without any major problems. Simply click on a video and enjoy! 

Technical information

QQVideo was first released in 2006 and has since been under active development. Most obvious is that the previous Ajax-only design has been abandoned in favour of an XHTML and JS based design. I feel that they made the right decision to use less JavaScript. This greatly simplifies development and improves SEO. QQVideo requires Flash 9 to operate and supports more video formats (as input) than most other sites. The new UI looks great and the backend has been very well designed to scale to many more videos. The team is also experienced and always thinking of new features to add to QQVideo.


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joe  - none   | |2010-11-16 05:30:10
How do I add my own video clips saved on the lap top, to my qzone?
I use youdao to translate the qzone instructions however I do not see what to do ... I can tell there are many videos you can get from the library of videos on qq ... but I want to post my own music, and my own video.


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