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QQ Games for AIM

QQ Games for AIM is a site that allows you to play some cool casual games with your AIM. It is targetted at the North American market and as such is available only in English. QQGames is produced in part by programmers in America and was launched in 2007. The website serves as a platform to download the AIM plugin and to see other players. At the moment it offers six games and more games are added periodically.


Although there has been an English version of QQ for a long time, QQ Games for AIM could be seen as  the first serious attempt to enter the American market for Tencent. I am sure the developments of this site and the experience obtained with it's operation will be important for the future strategy of Tencent. I imagine it is very difficult to enter the already saturated IM markets overseas, so starting with this games site makes sense. It will make people more aware of the QQ brand.


English only. There is also a Chinese QQ Games in China, which uses the domain, but is not related to QQ Games for AIM. If you are using AIM, I suggest you try QQ Games for AIM. In China QQ already has several successful casual games and I hope they can bring those games to a wider audience. 





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I Need qq to know qq game in c  - how do i play qq games in chinese?   | |2009-10-12 11:35:44
how do i play qq games in chinese? i need step instruction because i cant read chinese. i need help please respond back to me. or is there an english translated version like qq preview for messenger? because the qq games for aim here sucks no one plays.

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