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QQ for Linux

QQ for Linux was released 31st of July 2008 and it is the first time that Tencent has supported Linux officially with a QQ client. In early January 2009 a beta version was released that seems to support all the basic features. There are now 4 versions available for download (about 5MB):

  1. Deb version for example for Ubuntu 7.10
  2. RPM for SuSE 9 and Fedora Core7
  3. .tar.gz version for other distributions
  4. Lemote loonux 1.0.6 running on loongson 2F (the Chinese-made CPU)

 Installation instructions are documented shortly on the (Chinese)  help page. For more help on getting a QQ account, see my English QQ signup page .



Chinese only at the moment.




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Wesley  - Good stuff     | |2009-01-17 21:09:13
The 1.0 Beta1 version says it supports Fedora Core 7 and up

Works well!
Ariel Huang  - linuxQQ for 64 bit Ubuntu 9.10   | |2009-12-17 21:11:53
I installed linuxQQ for my 64-bit Ubuntu 9.10. I am not sure if it is a real 64-bit QQ or a 32-bit QQ forced installed in a 64-bit environment. It is functional even as a beta but lack webcam function. Maybe because it is still a beta.
j. vincent nix  - OD, Learning & Performance MGR     | |2011-04-14 11:55:31
will Tencent ever make a 64 bit for Debian? c'mon... many people cannot login using Pidgin, so help us!
xl  - xl     | |2012-02-12 21:00:47
Dan  - When can release a new version qq for linux?   | |2011-06-20 11:33:23
Tencent block others clients on Linux system to login, but didn't provide a real working qq version for it. Does Tencent have any plan to support us that use Linux systems.
I am using Ubuntu 11.04 amd64 version, where I can get help?
Thijs     | |2011-06-20 13:08:07
I'm not involved with the Linux version of QQ, but I would also like a new version that adds many of the missing features that the Windows users can enjoy. My team is working on webqq and we are working on linux versions of this as well, but it's probably not what you are looking for:
xl     | |2012-02-12 21:01:43

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