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QQ 2009 English

QQ 2009 English is the newest English version of QQ (beta is available as of January 2009 via the new English portal). It shares the same platform as Tencent Messenger 2008 and the Chinese versions of QQ. Important difference with TM2008 is that QQ2009 offers more functionality. Basic functions include of course chatting with friends or with groups of people, saving chat history, sending smileys etc etc. The UI design has been improved and QQ is now much simpler to use than before.

Some screenshots:




Tabs from left to right: chat with friends (organized in categories), chat with groups and your most recent conversations.





 Main QQ2009 chat window. On the right you see customizable user pictures, this is very hot in China. You can pick a handsome guy or cute girl and change the haistyle, clothes etc. Some are free I believe, but for better clothes you need to pay Q-coins .



QQ2009 now also supports skins. You can make QQ look any way you like it



QQ2009 is totally in English, but some additional services are Chinese-only (for example QZone, online storage etc). If you just want to chat with friends, then this version is very good. If you need any help to get a QQ account, visit my help page . Thanks to the new English page, it's now easier than ever to get started with QQ2009.

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Matt  - QQ 2009 is Great!     | |2009-03-29 10:33:20
I live in the USA, but visit often and have many friends in northern China. I've been using the 2005 English version for a couple years. I recently installed a new hard drive and found your review of the 2009 version. The 2005 version took me a week to configure and get the characters to display properly. The 2009 version installed in minutes, and required no additional tweaking. It was a great update. Thanks for posting the links and review. Two thumbs up for Tencent on the new version!!
Kid  - QQ 2009   | |2009-04-11 18:36:00
I have no problems using QQ 2009. This is great!
Steve  - QQ2009 ?   | |2009-04-24 20:00:02
Can anyone tell me if QQ has a 'Skype' type Video Conferenceing facility as I have been told it has. Also, if it has can anyone tell me where I can get hold of the Chinese version for my wife, along with english installation instructions for myself.
Thijs     | |2009-04-24 21:06:57
Hi Steve, I'm not sure what 'skype' type video conferencing exactly is, but as far as I know you can only use your webcam when you talk to 1 other person.

The English version can be downloaded here:
The Chinese version can be downloaded here:

QQ2009 is now available in both English and Chinese
Dodo bird   | |2009-05-26 08:18:53
How do customize your picture icon?
Shiyarin  - RE:   | |2009-06-23 16:35:50
click on ur pic (penguin) and it should say change icon under neath it
j   | |2009-07-11 13:05:22
Is it possible to upload your own icon? It says I'm not authorize to do so...but is there a way around this?
el1985   | |2009-08-19 23:57:05
easy, reach level 12, and you got one chance to change your picture icon. i think you need to reach level 24 before you have the flexibility to change your icon. Thats what my gf said haha ^_^
Andy  - English QQ on Blackberry   | |2009-09-03 21:00:23

Is there an english version of QQ for Blackberry?

Thijs   | |2009-09-14 14:18:37
I'm afraid there is no dedicated version for Blackberry. You could perhaps use WebQQ? (Chinese only at the moment though)
usman   | |2009-10-01 00:41:52
usman   | |2009-10-01 00:43:04
ming chow   | |2009-11-06 22:12:59
anna   | |2010-11-04 11:15:33
is there english version of qzone. . . tnx.
Lily  - Awesome!! But help w/ prop pic?   | |2011-01-13 12:03:20
QQ is awesome! I use it all the time to chat w/ relatives and friends in China. How do I change my profile picture tho? The icon. I know someone said you have to reach level 12 but how do you even level up?? Thanks!!!!

Dear International Messengger QQ.

I am glad to see that QQ now have QQ INTERNATIONAL MESSENGER. But I request to QQ for Adding the software For RIM MOBILE (BLACKBERRY) DEVICE.Ekspecially for my device mobile Blackberry Tour 9630.

I Hope QQ can make the software.

Thank You,
Best regards,

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