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I'm QQ is Tencent's first real English website to introduce QQ to English speakers. The English QQ versions were always hidden on a Chinese page and this made it very difficult for foreigners to get started. To help people get started, I created a personal page with signup information and last year an English page was launched to promote Tencent Messenger 2008. With I' this is taken another big step forward. It's now easier than ever for foreigners to register a QQ account and to find out what QQ is all about.



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Joanna   | |2009-05-10 17:47:08
Very helpful website
genuineaussie   | |2010-09-21 20:08:10
holy S***... I find that for some security reason I was locked out of my QQ so... simply followed instructions.... ha ha ha... I am a newcomer to China... so my Chinese is very limited.... I managed to change my password... & was notified that my QQ was now able to ba accessed... rubbish... I have bee trying to get in now for 24 hours.... still unable to get i,,,/... still get the same messages.... security block... & cannot find a Phone number ...that will answer where anyone speaks any English..... what am I to do ??????

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