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Q: After i search for contacts, how do i chat with them directly? I have to add them as friend before i can chat with them. Is it possible to chat with them without adding them as friend?

A: Good question. It turns out that (as far as I know) you first need to add a user, before you can chat with them. I guess this is a security measure so you will not get spam or unwanted messages.

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rob  - how do i sign in to qq   | |2009-11-30 14:10:24
Hi why can`t i sign in to qq iam married to a chinese lady she is in Yinchuan ,be great to chat online ,thank`s Rob
Nebiyu  - my password is not working   | |2010-09-21 22:17:36
i know my password and my id but but now it is rejecting my password is there any way to fix this

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