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Gaming positions in Shanghai and Shenzhen at Tencent
Tencent (QQ) is offering a few positions related to games and will recruit during the Game Developers Conference 2010 in the USA! You will be working in China in either Shanghai or Shenzhen (at HQ where I also work). The GDC is held in San Francisco from March 9-13, 2010 so your resume needs to be handed in before March 7th.

I think this is a great opportunity for gaming professionals who wants to work for one of the best Chinese internet companies. Tencent's games are used by millions already and to be part of the growth of Tencent is a great experience. If you ever wanted to work in China, this is your opportunity!

All positions are available at all levels, but senior level candidates are preferred. Resumes can be send to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please indicate the position name in the head of mail. Also see the website.

Title Category
Lead Artist; Art Director (AD) Art / Animation
Character Animator Art / Animation
Executive Producer Executive / Management
Level Designer Game / Level Designer / Creative Director
Project/Production Manager (PM);
Dev. Manager (DM);
Dev. Director (DD)
Producer / Director / Project Manager
Director of Project
Producer / Director / Project Manager
Senior 3D Game Engine Programmer;
Game Engine TD
Programmer / Engineer
Senior 3D Graphics Programmer;
Graphics TD
Programmer / Engineer
Security Engineer Programmer / Engineer
Director of Technology Development;
Technical Director (TD);
Technical Architect
Programmer / Engineer

Lead Artist; Art Director (AD)

• In charge of art assets management and art task planning in a project
• In charge of art team management in a project
• Participate technical assessment and quality control for multiple projects based on their own different design needs.
• Keep tracking art assets allocation status and HR performance evaluation in a project
• Can coach team members for technical expertise
• Evaluate employee’s performance appraisal.

• Bachelor degree or above
• At least 5 years art design experience in game industry
• Has strong modeling, color setting and innovating ability
• Good sense in aesthetics
• Understand game art production pipeline and flow
• Proficiency in using game art production software, like: Photoshop, Painter, 3D max and etc.

Resume required with individual works

Character Animator

• Character animation making

• Good 3D animation making experience. Master related skills. Good communication ability.

Executive Producer

Oversee one or more projects from an overall quality and production standpoint, as well as interface with other departments and business units in the company to insure the success of the product.   This candidate should be familiar with a number of different types of production processes and have the ability to oversee and mentor the Producers and Project Managers.  He or she must be able to recognize and proactively lead the team towards efficiently creating a high quality product.  The individual must also understand and be familiar with marketing and distribution strategies.  He or she should be well spoken and able to represent the product to the public and press.  The Executive Producer also has overall P&L responsibility for the project.

Experience as an Executive Producer on successful products at either a major developer or a large publishing company, or at least 5 years experience as a Senior or Lead Producer on successful products.

This position does not require you to speak Chinese, however it would be great if you have an interest in learning.  Of course, if you speak Chinese (Mandarin) that would obviously make this an easier job for you to have.

Level Designer

•Create innovative and coherent levels in MMO-RPG or/and MMO-FPS games within an overall game vision and the constrains of overall game design/system.
•Collaborate with your lead and fellow design team members to develop core game concepts, game systems, and game content.
•Aggressively prototype and iterate on core game mechanics and content.
•Balance and adjust game-play experiences to ensure the product's critical and commercial success.
•Works closely with project team members to execute design and work through design revisions as needed.
•Learn commercial middleware and engine quickly and work within a complex asset development pipeline. (Gamebryo or UE3 experience preferred)
•Write specs that explain new content and incorporate feedback into those documents.
•Be prepared to receive constructive criticism, and respond to it positively
•Work within defined schedules.

•2+ years game design experience including systems design experience on a shipped product. (MMOG game design experience preferred)
•2+ years level design experience on a shipped product. (MMOG level design experience preferred)
• Excellent written and spoken communication skills. (Mandarin Chinese skill preferred).
• Has working experience on multi-cultural team.
• Good team-player.
• Absolute passion for playing and making games.
• Has deep understanding with main-stream PC/Console game or MMORPG level design on the market.
• Must be self-motivated with the ability to creatively/analytically problem solve.


• People with great interest in level design, willing to stay in this field for long term, are preferred.
• People with level/instance design experience in PC/Console game or MMORPG, or people with successful Warcraft3 map design experience (such as 3C/DotA), are preferred.

Project/Production Manager (PM); Dev. Manager (DM); Dev. Director (DD)

• In charge of the making, tracking and following-up of game development planning.
• In charge of the development team’s coordination.

• At least 5 years working experience in game industry
• Has game development experience in a successful project and with mmo-game development experience.
• Has good project management ability
• Can work under pressure. Has good communication, coordination ability and be very committed in work.

Producer; Director of Project

The Producer is responsible for a project or feature set within a project from a quality standpoint.  This individual must be familiar with all aspects of game development and understand how to work with Designers, Artists and Engineers.  The Producer is the “torch bearer” for quality, but he or she must also work well with the Project Manager who is responsible for schedule and task assignments.  An ability to quickly and accurately prioritize tasks in order to achieve maximum quality is critical.  The Producer and Project Manager work together on project P&L issues as assigned by the Executive Producer.

Experience as a Producer on successful products at either a major developer or a large publishing company.   Candidates with 5 or more experience in Leadership Roles on large projects may be considered – for example Lead Artist, Lead Designer, Lead Engineer or Technical Director.

This position does not require you to speak Chinese, however it would be great if you have an interest in learning.  Of course, if you speak Chinese (Mandarin) that would obviously make this an easier job for you to have.

Senior 3D Game Engine Programmer; Game Engine TD

In charge of 3D engine development at Tencent Games.

• At least 3 years related working experience
• Familiar with real-time 3D algorithms and related mathematic knowledge
• Can make 3D program with Direct3D
• Proficiency in developing with C++

People with following experience are preferred:
• Has more than 1 year developing experience with gamebryo
• Developed more than 1 game as 3D programmer
• Developed a close-to-finished 3D engine

Senior 3D Graphics Programmer; Graphics TD

• Develop next-gen 3D graphic technology on schedule
• Optimize 3D graphic algorithm based on different target platform technology
• Can communicate and collaborate with team members and lead them to develop graphic renderer
• Organize and complete graphic renderer design and maintenance
• Organize and archive documentation of graphic rendering design
• Can coach and evaluate direct reports
• Keep following up with latest rendering technology

• Bachelor or above in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or related majors
• Proficiency in Object-Oriented programming
• Can read English technical documents skillfully
• Proficiency in C/C++
• Experience in Direct3D, Gamebryo, or Unreal(UE)
• Proficiency in computer graphics and related mathematics ability
• Strong understanding and realization ability with programming algorithm
• Strong problem solving ability (Debug)
• Good mathematics skills, especially with good 3D computer graphics mathematics knowledge
• Can widely understand modern GPU technology and has good related programming experience
• Work hard, ambitious, good communication, coordination and organization ability

• People with expertise in Computer Graphics, Computational Geometry, Computational Physics or Computational Mathematics are preferred.
• People with 3-year-above experience in graphic rendering development, or in game software (game engine or tools) development are preferred.

Security Engineer

• In charge of online-game security technology assessement
• In charge of technical analysis on Trojan, cheating-program in online-games.
• In charge of development and maintenance of online-game security solutions.


• At least 5 years of software programming (C/C++)
• Familiar with windows system mechanics
• Familiar with Assembly Language, can skillfully read and understand disassembled code
• Familiar with disassemble and debug tools like OD/WINDBG/IDA
• Has great interest in low-level mechanics of online-game and Windows.

• candidates familiar with DDK and Windows kernel development are preferred
• candidates with research experience on Windows Trojan, Virus or online-game-cheating-program are preferred.

Director of Technology Development; Technical Director (TD); Technical Architect

Accountable for overall technical designs for online game projects.
•  Influences and approves overall architecture.
•  Ensures design is reviewed and is of high quality (extendable, efficient).
•  Actively participates in the design and planning of workflow and pipelines.
•  Works during the project to analyze and improve the workflow and pipelines

Accountable for overall code quality.
•  Ensures code is reviewed, reusable and testable, meeting architectural-design and customer requirements.
Teaches and mentors within studio (and across studios).
•  Publishes knowledge within studio (and across studios).
•  Learns from other domain experts outside of company.
•  Within team, innovates and pioneers best practices for requirement, design, process, workflow, metrics, planning and architecture.
•  Influences teams to achieve project goals.

Defines metrics and sets targets for projects.
•  Champions systems and project metric collection, analysis, and utilization to improve quality and efficiency.

Oversees all internal and external project dependencies and critical paths.
•  Ensures contingency plan is in place.
•  Recommends solutions and approves plan and timelines.
•  Understands overall impact on all stakeholders.

Identifies gaps in plans.
•  Approves engineering project plans.
•  Provides cost-effective solutions and directions to difficult problems.
•  Answers what-if questions.
•  Validates staff competencies.

Participates in identifying career opportunities and growing SE capabilities.
•  Acts as staff advocate, and assesses morale for the team.
•  Takes advantage of opportunities to recruit talent.

•  Must be a great team leader and a great team player, with great technical skills as well as unflagging energy and focus
•  Must also have excellent oral and written communication skills
•  Minimum of 5+ years of game programming experience
•  Minimum of 2+ years experience in a technical leadership roles
•  A willingness to both learn about how we do things now, and teach us how to do things better in the future

•  Excellent C/C++ programming skills
•  Extensive knowledge in game development related technologies (3D, engine, online, multi-threading, optimization, AI and etc.)
•  Solid understanding of Agile Software Development techniques, and experience using them in on large projects
•  Solid experience in low-level programming and debugging and in integrating complex systems
•  Experience in designing, coding, supporting complex software projects.
•  Experience in using automated testing, unit testing, or Configuration Management processes.
•  Highly proactive with an ability to think outside of the box
•  Detail-oriented and driven by results
•  Excellent project management skills demonstrated by the ability to define tasks in a well organized manner, based on proper resource and time management
•  Excellent decision making capabilities.
•  Excellent problem solving skills and communication skills
•  Ability and passion to wear multiple hats and get things across the finish line
•  Passionate for (and interested in) online games

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Carlos  - Mr. Carlos   | |2011-06-03 05:02:09
hello I am Carlos from brazil, interested work in QQ games develop and refine games. I have many ideas and many kinds of games in my mind to make qq games grow up so much more. I have 20 years experiencies with games, my age is 25. I speak 3 indioms, potuguês,Spanish and English, currently I am learning Mandarin. I have experience in developing software and programming languages​​. If the qq team is interested in negotiate, please send an email to I thank you

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