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Working at Tencent QQ in China
Friday, 18 April 2008

This is not an official job vacancy site from Tencent , but just one guy's attempt of providing some information about working at Tencent and what kind of people Tencent would be looking for. The official Tencent job site can be found here (in Chinese). Tencent is a young and fun company. Traditionally Tencent has focused mainly on the Chinese market, which makes sense considering how big the Chinese market is. Over the last couple of years though, Tencent has addressed the foreign users more. Examples of this are QQ Games in the USA in cooperation with AOL. Or for example QQ International . Tencent even has a games studio in Boston, USA nowadays.

Tencent is one of the best employers of China and many highly qualified students every year have to go through many rounds of interviews before they are accepted into Tencent. China has many IT students and Tencent selects the best. If you want to work for Tencent, you will need at least a BSc. in Computer Science or a related major. Many of my colleagues are also MSc and I think for foreigners to join Tencent, they need at least a MSc, to stand a little bit out of the crowd.

Another very important thing to consider, is that Tencent really is a Chinese company. That means that everyone speaks Chinese and only a few people will speak fluent English. You will probably not see other foreigners - even though there are now more than when I started. I have discussed the language-barrier with HR as well, and their position is that they want people to speak Chinese. I was just very lucky to get in without Chinese, but nowadays I don't think this is possible anymore.

Unless... you really have exceptional qualifications. We know about school-dropouts who turn out to be code-wizzards or people who started their own games-company etc. Tencent does not purely look at the academic record, but you do need something exceptional to compensate :)


So after all of this, if I didn't discourage you enough ;), here are some links :  - the official HR website with job listings in English for Senior Positions at Tencent (added Oct 2010) - the official Tencent Boston website with Job Listings  - a seperate recruitment page from the Game department


If you feel that your qualifications match the description above (MSc, speaks Chinese, several years experience), then feel free to contact me !

Last Updated ( Saturday, 16 October 2010 )
Gaming positions in Shanghai and Shenzhen at Tencent
Friday, 26 February 2010
Tencent (QQ) is offering a few positions related to games and will recruit during the Game Developers Conference 2010 in the USA! You will be working in China in either Shanghai or Shenzhen (at HQ where I also work). The GDC is held in San Francisco from March 9-13, 2010 so your resume needs to be handed in before March 7th.

I think this is a great opportunity for gaming professionals who wants to work for one of the best Chinese internet companies. Tencent's games are used by millions already and to be part of the growth of Tencent is a great experience. If you ever wanted to work in China, this is your opportunity!

Last Updated ( Friday, 26 February 2010 )
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