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Shenzhen Interactive Map

Update Januari 2010:

I found another very cool website that offers panaromic photos from many places in Shenzhen. That means you can actually look around 360 degrees with a simple mouse-click.

Panoramic overview of the bookcity

Update March 2009:

I found an interesting website with a very detailed 3D map of Shenzhen. The website is called  and is truely amazing:



Chachaba is unfortunately in Chinese only, but when you are a bit familiar in Shenzhen you can just find your way around. All the buildings and roads look very lifelike. 



I also made an Interactive map of Shenzhen using Google's map service. It is less detailed than chachaba, but it is easier to navigate and in English :)



   = entertainment : theme parks, cinema, arts, concert hall

Bars = bars

Business = important buildings

Hospitals= hospitals

Companies= famous companies

Restaurants food= food and restaurants

ice= iceskating

Parks= free public parks

police= police station / PSB / custom

 subway = subway station, read more in the Transport section - subway


Static map of Shenzhen (1845 x 1094):


For more maps about China, see my Maps China page.

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Peter  - Maps in 3D     | |2009-09-18 14:13:51
Hi thanks for the Chachaba map.
I used to check the one from which is less developped, regarding the covered area, but very useful because it has all the bus stops and metro line(-s).
I always use it to check how to go from a place to another, which lets me find almost always direct busses.
It is also in Chinese, but learning Chinese should be a must for one living in China. So let's study !!!
Don't we say "In Rome, do as Romans" ? In China, speak and read Chinese !
world travel and hotels guide  - Nice map!     | |2010-03-21 00:38:11
Oh my gosh, it is wonderful... I mean the 3D map. do they have a map for guangzhou ?

Peter  - 3D map of Guangzhou     | |2010-03-21 01:05:29
Yes "world travel and hotels guide", they have a 3D map of Guangzhou at:
I see that you still have to learn your job if you can not find that by yourself... Or maybe, world travel and hotels guide is not your job, but your needs ? Then contact me !!!
Peter  - 3D map of Hongkong     | |2010-03-21 01:20:07
I forgot FYI to tell you that if you just google "3d map of hong kong", you will get as first result:, which is even in English.
I suppose it can interest more than one reader.
Now you know how to find these, don't you ?

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