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Timelapse sunrise over Shenzhen
A colleague of me (Oscar) got up very early today and made this beautiful timelapse video from the top of the Tencent building.

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Last Updated ( Saturday, 06 August 2011 )
Shenzhen Museum (old location) video
A short walkthrough of the Shenzhen Museum (old location). We happened to pass by and saw there was a temporary exhibition about contemporary Indian art, so we decided to look inside. The Indian art was quite strange, but I decided to use the opportunity to make this movie of the permanent collection. Have a look at the video to decide if you want to go yourself:
Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 January 2011 )
Deng Xiaoping square video
Video at a square dedicated to Deng Xiaoping, the former leader who designated Shenzhen as a special economic zone. Across the road is the Shenzhen Grand Theater and the new KK Mall.
Shenzhen bus video
Short video of a regular Shenzhen bus. In the front, next to the driver, is a small machine where you can 'beep' your public transport card (Shenzhen Tong) or can deposit money. This particular bus has a fixed price of 3RMB.
Huaqiangbei Moi video
Short video of busy streets around HuaqiangBei near Moi shopping mall. New Year decoration is still visible.
KKMall video
Video of KKMall, Shenzhen's latest high-end shopping mall and home to the first IMAX cinema of the city.

Shenzhen traffic police video
Shenzhen traffic police was present today at Huaqiang Bei (SEG) to provide information to the general public and to showcase some of it's police bikes. The motor bikes looked good and quite a lot of people were interested in what the police explained about car license plates. There was also a car wrackage on display to remind everyone to drive safely.
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