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Women artistic gymnastics
Today we went to the group phase of the women's artistic gymnastics event. We took the metro to the stadium in Bao'an and because we had our Universiade tickets already with us, we could travel for free! Just show your ticket and you can use a special Universiade passage way. The ticket is also valid for the way back, so keep your ticket! We arrived quite early in Bao'an and even though we had to pass security, there were no queues at that time yet.

Artistic Gymnastics Women

We could not bring our bottle of water (or canned drinks) inside, but if you bring your own container of water you were allowed to carry it inside. I guess because of sponsorship deals?
Inside the water was not expensive though (2RMB for a bottle) and they also sold snacks and other drinks. No hot food though at Bao'an stadium and the queues for the two shops inside the stadium were very long.

Seating was a bit of a mess: our 100 RMB ticket was in area 211, but the view was really bad and we sat next to people with tickets of 50RMB. Luckily the stadium was not sold out (I guess about 60% full), so after the event started, we quickly moved to a better seat 2 rows down (along with many Chinese who also moved :)). From here we had a good view as you can see on the photos below.

The only thing that went wrong, is that the organizers closed the Bao'an Stadium subway stop in the evening (it was too busy...). So when everybody left the stadium, we were greeted by a closed metro station! We needed to walk to Bao'an Central metro station, but luckily it was not too far. Had a good evening and it was fun to watch! On TV we saw that the basketball match of China was totally sold out, but for this gymnastics event it was easy to buy tickets before the start of the game. As usual there were also people trying to sell illegal tickets and various flags etc.

Bao'an Gymnasium (We also have our yearly Christmas party here!)

That's me!

Inside the stadium, was still quite empty in the beginning

On the beam

Floor event, from Finland I believe

Austria on uneven bars

Ukraine won second place

Very strange: China only sent 2 athletes for the individual events, they didn't even take part in the group phase. Much to the surprise (and disappointment) of the Chinese audience.

The Russians were very professional, but finally ended on the third place.

Japanese were very happy with their gold medal

Final score, it was very tight!

The ceremony girls

Medal ceremony

Waiting for their medals

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