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Universiade ticket go on sale
Universiade tickets are set to go on sale today, according to an article in the Shenzhen Daily. Sales venues and other other ticketing details are to be announced later today.  Admission will be from 30 yuan (US$4.6) to 300 yuan based on the time and popularity of the competition. For daytime and less popular competitions, admission is 30 to 50 yuan. So keep an eye on the official website! Be sure to read my other Universiade articles as well.
Tickets can currently (Monday 11th July 2011) be bought at:

  • 31 outlets of China Merchants Bank (CMB) in Shenzhen
  • 10 CMB outlets in Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Beijing and Shanghai
  • Shenzhen Airlines ticket offices
  • Shenzhen Youyi bookstores
  • Shenzhen Concert Hall
  • Shenzhen Poly Theater
  • (Chinese only - we cannot find any tickets for sale)
  • (we bought 3 tickets via this website, in Chinese only though)

My daughter/son/brother/sister is playing, how do I get tickets? I don't speak Chinese!

  1. ask your family member to ask her national universiade organizers to reserve a ticket for you. The national delegations have (or at least had) the opportunity to reserve tickets in advance.
  2. ask at your hotel to help you get some universiade tickets
  3. go to one of the sales points mentioned in the pdf (especially Merchants bank)
  4. if all else fails, mail me (see contact in the left top menu of this website) and perhaps I can help you. Problem is who will pay for the tickets and where to deliver them

Opening and Closing Ceremony Tickets

Note that tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies will NOT be sold to the public. Tickets are sold in several phases and will also be sold at the venue. So even though some events are currently sold out, it might still be possible to get tickets at a later stage.

PDF with lots of information about ticket sales

Look here : Pdf with lots of information about tickets, recommended!

People buying tickets must produce their ID cards. Tickets for popular sports, such as swimming and golf, are limited to two per person in an effort to stem ticket scalping. Five tickets can be bought by one person for less popular events.

An overview of Merchant banks where you can buy tickets (thanks to Michael!):



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Michael  - Got a list of the CMB Outlets   | |2011-07-12 13:19:57
Hi there!

I went this morning, more or less successful, to three branches of China Merchants Bank and could get a list of all the 31 branches where they gonna sell the tickets for the Universiade. The only thing is that it is just in Chinese but might safe you some time if you asked a Chinese colleague/person who can speak english.

Thijs, maybe there is some way I can send this list to you and u can publish it.


Thijs  - Thanks!     | |2011-07-12 14:36:06
thanks for the information Michael! If you could scan&email the list, that would be perfect, otherwise I will also try to get a copy of the list one of these days

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