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Shops harmonized, guards in appartments and huge busstop
I walked outside today and noticed something strange: the real-estate agents removed all their advertisements in the windows. At first it was just one shop, but now all 3 shops in this street have removed the advertisements. The lady selling breakfast (baozi, soy-bean milk etc) said they had to put everything inside; she officially was not even allowed to put her food on the street. So I paid more attention and also the drug-store downstairs has removed all their advertisements from the window.

You might think that I live along some major Universiade street, but no: not in a thousand years will any Universiade athlete or visitor come to our street; those shops are not visible at all from the major roads. This is typical Chinese style.

Something even stranger: people living next to stadiums have to leave their houses during events. If they leave, they get paid 300 RMB for the inconvenience. They are supposed to keep the lights on though, as not to give the impression the whole building is empty. For the people who refuse to leave their homes, they will send a guard.People are obviously not allowed to stay in their balconies or hang any provocative banners on their houses.

And finally if the Universiade athletes venture into the city and pass Citizen's Center, they will see the longest bus-stop ever. A few weeks ago I passed it and I couldn't believe what I saw. I read somewhere that it is 160 meters long! I hear you reply: but buses in Shenzhen are always so full, a big bus-stop is great! That would be true if it was build in a residential area. This bus-stop is far away from any apartment buildings, the closest building is the Citizen's Center. Those officials do not use the bus obviously, since they have a huge private garage below Citizen's Center. So I wonder which official owed which construction company a favor...

Real estate agent without advertisements in the window during the Universiade...

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Jesse  - ha     | |2011-08-12 01:14:40
i love reading your commentary and observations about the universiade. keep it coming!

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