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Today, the 27th of February 2010, we went to the construction site of a major Universiade 2011 stadium in Nanshan district in Shenzhen: the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center. Construction is already well under way, but the steel structure has not been completely finished. The final shape is already clearly visible and it looks like another very impressive stadium.

Photo of the construction site

We took a taxi towards the new bridge linking HK and Shekou and then walked a bit along a closed road. Here you see the eastern end of the immense stadium. The shape of the steel structure is already becoming clear.

Worker high up on the steel structure. Notice the ladder running over the beams, very difficult to reach this position! As far as I could tell, the workers were secured with a harness. Quite good safety precautions everywhere.

The same guy on the right and another worker on the left, where they still need to put one piece in.

Photo taken from the road leading to the F1 Powerboat lake, to give an overview of the immense stadium!

Some prefabricated pieces of the steel structure are laying on the ground, waiting to be lifted into position. Really amazing how everything fits!

A piece for the support structure is lifted into position, you can clearly see this part of the steel frame is not finished yet. Every worker was wearing safety gear and the whole project looks very professionally executed.

The built this huge yellow crane alongside the eastern part of the stadium. It is able to move from east to west on a special track, like a train. We are now almost at the left (east) part of the stadium

A picture of the final structure. We are now standing on the bottom left corner in the picture.

A bigger picture, notice how at the roof the steel structure is closed, while the gaps get bigger near the bottom. In this picture there is also an enclosed walkway around the stadium and tennis and soccer fields on the north side. The "black hole" in the middle of the stadium is also very unusual. The whole stadium looks to be really great. We were unfortunately not allowed to go in further.

Overview of the stadium from a little distance. The temporary houses for the workers are in the foreground, where later the tennis fields will be build.

Final picture when we were walking back, this gives a better idea how big it is and how the surroundings look.

Nanshan district, near the bridge linking Hong Kong and Shenzhen and right to the north of the F1 powerboat lake. Just to the west of Poly Theater near Coastal City . Be sure also to see the photos we took of the Universiade 2011 stadiums in Longgang district .

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