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Even though the universiade in Shenzhen will only start in August 2011, you can already see that the city is busy preparing for this important event. At the 5th of December 2009 we went to the construction site of the new stadiums in Longgang district to see the progress and took lots of photos.


Olympic rings at the entrance of the Longgang sports center


View of the road (to downtown Shenzhen) in front of the entrance to the existing Longgang sports Center.
Sports figures decorating the entrance to Longgang sports stadium
stadium longgang
One of the existing stadiums, next to the tennis fields. Inside we saw some table-tennis tables, but we're not sure what this stadium is used for. On the far left side you can see the main tennis court.
tennis fields
Multiple hard-court tennis fields. It was very quiet when we went there, probably because it is quite remote. These fields are right behind the main tennis stadium. To the right of the tennis fields are also several basketball fields.
tennis stadium
The main tennis stadium is quite big, but unfortunately we couldn't look inside.
The velodrome (a special stadium for track cycling). We couldn't go inside, but a team from Hong Kong was practicing behind a derny. It appears the velodrome has a real wooden floor!
After visiting the existing sports venues, we went to the new construction site, which takes about 5 minutes by car. We walked in a U-shape around all the stadiums and got a good impression of the progress:
Workers on top of the second stadium, behind the main stadium
Window elements for the stadium are waiting the be lifted into place.
The swimming stadium is already taking shape as well.
A photo inside the swimming stadium. The roof structure also looks very complex and will probably consist of glass.
This will probably be one of the main entrances to the swimming pool.
Across the road from the swimming stadium is the (huge) press center.
Another view of the press center, in the foreground they are building a new road.
Two of the smaller stadiums in the back of the universiade park, used for badminton and perhaps volleyball as well.
The main universiade stadium. Though the main steel structure has been completed at the beginning of December 2009, there were still some big cranes at work.
Close-up of workers busy welding
Another photo of the main stadium
Poster showing how the main structure is being built
Photos from the top of the stadium
A map of the universiade park. On the left the main stadium and on the right a smaller stadium and the two lower stadiums (badminton). On the right top the swimming pool. The lakes have not been built yet.
The posters and the real stadium in one photo :)
One last photo at the main stadium. On the map it showed another stadium, perhaps they will build another smaller stadium in the foreground, because we only saw it on the map.



Longgang district, Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China

We first took bus 353 to Ao Ti Zhong Xin (奥体中心). This busstop is convenient for the older stadiums: tennis and basketball fields and a track cycling stadium. Ao Ti Zhong Xin is the first stop after the bus gets of the highway. If you want to go to the main new stadiums, it's better to stay in the bus a little longer, because about 1-2km further down the same road you will see the new stadiums.We took bus 802 there and it took only a few minutes. 

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