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Most Universiade events sold out
The tickets for popular events of the Universiade have been sold out. It is no longer possible to buy the tickets online for any event. For events that are less popular or take place in the large stadiums there are still tickets, but you have to go to the physical ticket offices to buy them. If you want to watch swimming, badminton, Chinese basketball then you are probably out of luck. now states: "tickets for football, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, track and field and some others can be bought at their office only. Address: Futian district, Shenzhen Nanfang Daily Building, 5th Floor, No. 523"

Several parents of athletes have emailed me with questions how to get tickets. Unfortunately the organizers have not made it easy for foreigners to watch the games, especially for those from outside China. Several parents had to come to Shenzhen first and then try to buy tickets here. Now that all tickets have been sold, it will surely lead to problems. What can you do if you really want to see a game?
  1. ask your son/daughter if they can reserve tickets for you. National teams usually have some tickets and there are special seats in the stadium for the national teams. When we watched gymnastics event, the area of the national teams was very empty.
  2. go to the venue and try to see if they still sell tickets at the ticket office. Try a few days in advance and also on the day of the event.
  3. if not, hang around at the venue. Usually there are people re-selling tickets (for much higher prices though). When we waited at the Gymnasium we were approached a few times by ticket sales-guys; especially around the exit of the metro.
  4. print a (Chinese) sign and go to the venue on the day of the event (go early!) Explain in Chinese that your son/daughter is participating and ask for help to get tickets. A ticket for 100 RMB can probably be bought for 300 RMB; one of my colleagues also sold her ticket that way. Mail me if you need help with this, or ask in your hotel to write something down for you!
Note: do make sure you have a real ticket. There are a couple of different colored tickets. You can see an example of my ticket here .

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Thijs  - Athletics not sold out     | |2011-08-18 13:44:00
Yesterday I was at the athletics event in Longgang and the stadium was not full. You could still buy tickets at the entrance to the stadium. The stadium is very big though and for smaller venues it probably is not so easy.

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