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Glimpse of Universiade Flame
Everyday I pass the location of the Opening Ceremony for the Universiade by bus. Today when I went home I noticed that the scaffolding around the Universiade Flame was removed. Furthermore several balloons in the shape of the Universiade logo have been put up. I also noticed quite a lot of army vehicles, mostly hidden behind some bushes or on side roads. Normally you don't see much army in Shenzhen, so this attracts attention. I again saw the artillery, but couldn't get a good photo of it :( As these photos were taken from a moving bus, the image quality is not so good :


The back of the stadium. In the front, before the fence guards again

Two firefighter trucks, perhaps for a drill?

Left the universiade flame tower, middle the ballons and on the right side the cocoon stadium. There are lights around the tower all the way to the stadium

Those huge doors in front of the Cocoon Stadium can slide open. The shape of the Universiade Logo is clearly visible here

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