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Final beautification Shenzhen
Shenzhen has started a final push to make the city as beautiful as possible before the start of the Universiade. I take the bus from Futian to Nanshan every day and the past couple of days I saw tens of workers placing thousands and thousands of new flowers along Binhe road (the road near the Cocoon venue). They have also gave the footbridges over this road a new look. Even the pillars below flyovers have been decorated with big banners for the Universiade and even small communities have gotten Universiade stickers. Universiade U-boots have also been popping up across the city and getting more visitors.

update 27 July 2011: more photos added


Some photos of the preparations:

one of the new footbridges i pass everyday on Binhe road (still work in progress)
they have also added decorative lightning to all flyovers

fences around the new stadiums, they are really stepping up on security
for example you now need to scan your bags before entering the subway! A bit over the top if you ask me...

picture from the countdown ceremony, less than 4 weeks to go now!
hope it will rain less!

20 days to go
20 days to go

flower decorations universiade
Sportsfigures made out of flowers for the Universiade along Shennan Road

The next photos are from Binhai road (driving from West to East along the coastline):

They just added lots of sports figures in the middle of the road here as well



Besides the sportsfigures, they also added the slogans of this universiade: "Start Here" and "Make a Difference".
I was thinking about adding one sign that says "" :-)

When you look towards the South, you can see the northern parts of Hong Kong. Oh, this park is of course also new. It just opened a few weeks ago after a total renovation. The blurry flowers on the foreground were planted during the past couple of weeks.

These are the passage ways for cyclists and pedestrians under Binhai road. Untill recently they contained commercial advertisements, but they have now been replaced with Universiade banners as well.

Proof that we are really in Shenzhen :)

New stickers on the bridges and flags everywhere. Also notice the small mobile police station that has been stationed here for a few months. Inside you always see one police guy watching TV - I assume from one of the CCTV cameras on top.

One of the more curious "decorations". Yes, SHEEP! Plastic of course, whoever came up with this idea? Anyway, it's probably good to prevent people from thinking of China as a military state. And it shows that Shenzhen is quite safe, in the Netherlands these would be stolen within a day :-(

And more decorations at one of the soccer venues (I believe). Of course also new ;-)

Just now I went to buy milk in the supermarket, and even the milk now has a universiade theme:


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