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The Universiade is only 83 days away and the stadiums are almost finished. Indirectly I have also learned that tickets will probably go on sale soon: members of the various national teams can apply till Monday the 23rd of May for extra tickets. After this date, extra tickets will only be handed out at the venues but there will likely not be enough tickets:

"According to the tickets policy, during Games-time, the Organizing Committee (OC) will distribute a number of complementary tickets to the delegations. However, the demand of delegations is likely to be greater than the actual supply of the complementary tickets. To ensure the delegations could purchase the demanding tickets in time, we strongly suggest the delegations submit the attachment of Contractual Client System Account Application Form before 23th May. "

So I think the official ticket sale will start within the next two weeks.

update 11 july 2011: tickets are set to go on sale today
update 28 july 2011: tickets are on sale, but seems only in Chinese. See my other Universiade articles .

The English version of the Universiade website does not show the ticket information yet, but on the Chinese version I read the following:

  • there are no free or discounted tickets for anyone (outside the complementary tickets for the national teams)
  • you can buy tickets at some kiosks, at stadiums and through agents (including Internet). The details have not been announced yet.
  • tickets price varies from 30 to 300 RMB
  • there are a few tickets available for disabled persons and their helpers

Contact information for the Ticket Office is:

Ms Tian Yang
Tel :0086-0755-82011235,
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mr Jiexiong Huang
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Where to buy tickets?

See this article where you can buy tickets. As far as I know, none of the salespoints are targeted towards foreigners. Your best bet might be one of the China Merchants bank offices on the list.

How do tickets look?

You will get a paper-ticket with information on your seat and which event. See for an example of Universiade ticket here . Tickets for athletics cost 50RMB (regular seat) or 100RMB (best seat). Same for artistic gymnastics.
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Lilian Corazza  - Mrs   | |2011-06-20 12:51:09
Have sent repeated emails to Ms T Tian and Mr Huang , the contacts given for ticket information , but have not received any reply. As such I cannot make travel plans, flights from New Zealand, and accommodation unless I know I can secure tickets.

Thanks !
Thijs     | |2011-06-20 13:05:46
Hi Lilian, I think the organizers are making a mess of it. I asked them last year about the ticket sale and at that time the planning was to start selling tickets early 2011. Now we are halfway 2011 and only 53 days to go and still no tickets for sale

I will update this page as soon as I found out more. Besides that, all you can do is look at the English website for more information:
Robert Copeland   | |2011-06-29 11:45:29
This organization is horse shit, just like every other chinese event.
People in this country need to become part of the world, not just think locally.
Nobody has an international mind..all closed and unorganized bureacratic, crazy-making bullshit.
Thijs     | |2011-06-29 12:17:36
To the defense of the organizers: they did try to recruit volunteers for each of the languages of the participating nations. They are also trying to educate people to stand in line at the bus and even on the radio there are some programs to teach people Chinese. It is typically Chinese that there is no transparency at all and nobody seems to be replying anymore. They still have a lot to learn about setting clear transparent schedules for the outside world, so people know what is going on.
Maria Ollervides  - Universiade   | |2011-07-28 12:19:19
Hope you remember me, I wrote a year ago asking for some detailes about Shenzhen before moving here. Well, after almost 9 months I'm already here living in Shekou, Rose Garden III.
I have been looking for tickets too, a month now and nothing. My husband asked in his company as Shenzhen Airlines is the sponsor and they know nothing either.
I will try the kiosk at Shekou Walmart today and in case I find something I'll let you know ASAP.

Greetings to you, your wife and lovely baby
Thijs     | |2011-07-28 12:40:16
Hi Maria, we bought during the past week. More information in these two posts:

If you have any Chinese friends, ask them to order via the website or visit one of the China Merchant bank ticket sales points.

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