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Bought 3 tickets Universiade
We bought three tickets for the universiade! Together with Xiaoxiong I will watch Artistic Gymnastics on Saturday the 13th of August. I will watch Athletics on Wednesday the 17th of August by myself. The gymnastics event will be held in the huge Baoan stadium and Athletics in the even bigger new main stadium in Longgang.

Universiade ticket

We bought the tickets on . This website is Chinese only and some sports are already sold out, while some are not for sale yet. You also need to pay on this website via Alipay or Tenpay.  Tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies will not even be sold to the public according the an article in Shenzhen Daily.

My universiade ticket for the Athletics event. I removed some unique identification, because I don't want anyone to enter on a copy of my ticket :-)
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Cesar Cantu  - Universiade Archery Tickets   | |2011-08-08 02:15:01

Im from Mexico, and my sister its going to participate in this Universiade at Shenzhen. She its an Archer, she uses recurve bow (also call Olympic bow). So, Tomorrow we are flying from the US to Hong Kong and we will arrive on August 10 to ShenZhen. So i saw your articles and find them really interesting, and i wish to know if you could help me to get tickets before they run out. We don't speak Chinese, and the tournament starts the 16-18 August and there's only like 500 seats, so we are worried about it.

We would appreciate very much any of your help to get 3 (adults) tickets, for all the days of the Archery tournament.

Thank you
Cesar Cantu
Adam   | |2011-08-11 14:10:44
Hi There! I'm having a devil of a time finding out more information about ticket sales during the games. I tried ordering tickets for all the Women's Waterpolo events as my cousin is part of the team, but all the online tickets for the event have been sold out. I am in Shanghai and unable to go to the stadiums or ticket offices to check and I've tried contacting several companies for help - no one seems to know anything. I was wondering if more tickets are available once the games start, or on the day of the event? Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks so much!

Thijs   | |2011-08-11 14:29:20
Hi, I previously read that tickets will be sold in phases and when they are sold out at one moment, it might be possible to buy more later in the next phase. I also read that some tickets will be sold at the venue itself (I guess at the day of the game), but there is no definitive answer I am afraid. They are making a bit of a mess of the tickets, especially for foreigners there is virtually no information
Adam   | |2011-08-11 14:55:56
Ok well thanks so much for the response. If you get any updates please let me know!

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