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Visa Shenzhen
Every foreigner who wants to enter China needs a visa. Normally, you would get a visa in the country where you live at the embassy. If you fly to Hong Kong and want to visit Shenzhen, there is another possibility though; you can get a visa for short stay in Shenzhen. There are many conflicting reports about this kind of visa for Shenzhen though. This article provides an overview of the facts.

Q: Who can apply for a visa in Shenzhen?
A: Most nationalities can get a Shenzhen Visa, but there are some exceptions. Americans cannot get a visa for example. maintains a list with nationalities that can and cannot obtain this kind of visa. In general all EU passport holders can get it, but US passport holders cannot.

Q: Where can you buy the Shenzhen Visa?
A: You can only buy the Shenzhen Visa at the border crossing LuoHu (also called Lo Wu) between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Luohu is the biggest checkpoint and is located in Luohu district at the end of Metro line 1 . Shenzhen visas cannot be bought via travel agents or from the Chinese embassy.

The exact procedure is like this:
  1. you first pass through Hong Kong immigration
  2. walk over a footbridge
  3. you will see a pair of escalators on the left hand side that go to the Shenzhen Visa office (before you arrive at the Chinese immigration desks).
  4. Get a number when you enter, then wait (shortly) in the queue. The office is open 09:00 - 12:00 and 14:00-16:30, so make sure you arrive in time!
  5. You will normally get a visa within a few minutes, but during holidays there might be queues
If you don't get a visa for Shenzhen, you can still return to Hong Kong. The price of the visa depends on your nationality, but the standard price is 160RMB and applies to most EU citizens. For UK citizens it's more expensive. You can only pay in RMB.

Q: What do you need to hand in?
A: Applicants do not need to fill in visa application forms, nor submit photographs. They only need to fill in the entry card.

Q: How long is the Shenzhen visa valid and where can I go?
A: Shenzhen visas are valid for 5 days and cannot be extended, so you must really leave Shenzhen before the visa is expired. You are also not allowed to travel outside the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. So that means you can go to Nanshan (including Shekou), Futian, Luohu without problems, but factories further from the city might pose a problem. Guangzhou is definitely NOT included in this type of visa.

Q: How about Zhuhai?
A: Zhuhai is another important city in the Pearl River Delta, across the border from Macau. Zhuhai has a similar policy as Shenzhen. The border crossing is called Gongbei, as far as I know the rules are the same as above.

PS. If you found any inaccuracies or have additional information, please let me know!

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Alan  - shenzhen visa   | |2010-07-24 11:05:52
i dont think they issue shenzhen visa at hk-shenzhen border.
Loli   | |2010-08-11 16:13:34
Please confirm we can get VISA at the HK-Schenzhen border.
Thijs   | |2010-08-13 10:40:54
I never needed this type of visa so I cannot speak from personal experience. Next time I go there, I will try to verify it though.
Alan   | |2010-08-13 11:24:11
They still do the shenzehn visa for foreigner.. no US, currently just change the rules for french as well, no French ppt.
Karol   | |2010-10-24 01:02:06
How about the other way trip?

I'm currently in shenzhen. Can I visit Hong Kong or do I lost my visa when leaving Shenzhen?
Thijs   | |2010-10-24 12:28:46
It depends on the type of Chinese visa you have. You are now already inside China, so you used 1 entry. If you have a 1-entry visa, then going to HK will mean you need a new visa to go back to Shenzhen. If you have a 2-entry or multi-entry visa, you can come back using the same visa.
Ron  - Other way trip.   | |2011-12-29 05:35:45
It depends on the number of entries in your visa. If it is a single entry then you can't come back to shenzhen once you leave.
irma  - shenzen visa - bao'an airport   | |2010-10-26 12:50:20
hi.. can i use 5 days VOA to go to the bao'an airport? i wll be entering shenzen from HK, and will leave shenzen from bao'an airport. is it possible for me using this special VOA? thanks for reply..
Thijs   | |2010-10-26 14:35:50
I'm not exactly sure, but I think you should be able to get a Visa On Arrival. There is a direct shuttle bus from HKIA to Bao'an Airport in Shenzhen I believe. Another option (if you are not in a hurry), is to just apply for a regular Chinese visa while you are in HK. Normally you can pick it up the next day from one of the many visa agents.
man ting chu   | |2011-03-17 15:27:08
you can not board an airplane at Bao On airport with this visa. You only can leave at the Shenzhen borders (Huanggang, Lowu, Futian)
Frank  - Thijs   | |2011-06-10 13:39:12
i waswondering if you can advise me .....

if a foreigner entered china ....via hongkong or shenzhen on a tourist visa and while in china was offered a job ...( do the rules allow ) is it possible to change the visa from tourist to employment without leaving china...or can it be done like going to hongkong and endorsing the visa in hongkong before reenter to china.
secondly do you know of any good reliable agents who could process visas in not very expensive fees.

Thijs     | |2011-06-10 15:12:29
yes, it's possible to change a tourist visa to a work visa without leaving China. It's the same situation I was in.

I only used JTA ( ) in HK once to get a tourist visa in 2006. After that, my employer always took care of the visa renewals
menz  - Shenzhen visa for FIlipinos   | |2010-11-26 21:18:45
I am a Philippine passport holder, can I get a SHenzhen visa at the HK-Shenzhen border in Lo wu? husband and I are planning to have a side trip from Hongkong to Shenzhen for only one day.
Sam   | |2011-01-21 06:16:53
Our last 3 trips to HK we went to Shenzhen and each time we obtain a visa at the border. It was easy and cheap.
man ting chu  - none   | |2011-03-17 15:24:04
you also can get this instant visa at the Huanggang border crossing. When entering the immigration hall at the Chinese side the visa office is at the far left. Please note that during lunch time you may not find an immigration officer present.
With these instant 5 days visas for Shenzhen you easily can travel all over Guangdong without problems however when checking in Hotels you might have a problem. Many times I accompanied business people using this visa who went to the Canton Fair without any problem.
Josephine   | |2011-08-12 00:23:54
You can apply for a Shenzhen visa at the Lo Wu border for RMB160 befor 220
aisa  - shenzhen visa for Filipinos   | |2012-01-16 11:33:18
We are planning a sidetrip to Shenzhen from HK, can we get a Shenzhen visa?! Thanks

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