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Shenzhen Taxi

Taxi's in Shenzhen are relatively expensive with a starting fee of 10¥ (+2RMB fuel charge). Taxi's are separated in three different classes by their color: red taxi's are allowed to operate everywhere in Shenzhen, green taxis only outside the Special Economical Zone and yellow taxi's only inside the SEZ.

tip: pay attention that you don't get fake money from the taxi drivers! If possible, pay exact or small money so you will not get a fake bill of 50 yuan back! Also make sure the taxi-driver starts the meter; sometimes they refuse to do so. Just get out and take the next taxi.  

After you pay, you also need to ask for the invoice (which is printed automatically when the car stops and the driver puts the 'available' sign up again).


Since 2010 Shenzhen also has several new environmental friendly electronic e-taxis. On the left you can see the traditional red taxis, and the new e-taxi besides it. It's actually a BYD E6 car. In the beginning we saw very few of them, but the number is definitely increasing as we now see them almost every day.

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