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Shenzhen Airport

Although most foreign visitors to Shenzhen fly to Hong Kong or Guangzhou, Shenzhen also has an international airport.  Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (code SZX) is situated in Bao'an district, a little more than 30 km from the city center of Shenzhen. The airport was opened in 1991 and has148 Chinese and 11 international destinations. Over 10 million passengers use the airport yearly and there is a ferry connection with HK International Airport so people can transfer flights without having to check-in again. Shenzhen's airport is the fourth airport of mainland China (after Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing) and is the 81st in the world for passengers and 37th for cargo traffic.



tip! Always take your passport when you travel to the airport, since you will leave the city border. Even though nowadays the police does not check often anymore, there is still a chance they will check busses when you enter the city border.


Update 16 juni 2006 - Shenzhen airport will be extended with a new landing strip that is suitable for the Airbus A380. In total more than 741 million US$ will be invested, to insure that by 2015 at least 36 million passengers and 1.8 million tons of cargo can be handled. Read more...

Update 16 august 2008 - Shenzhen has a check-in counter for the Baiyun International airport in Guangzhou. This facility opened the 15th of October 2007 and allows people to check-in in Shenzhen and then take the bus directly to the airport. It costs 88 yuan per person. The schedule is as follows:

Update 6 july 2009 - Shenzhen has opened a Transport Hub in Futian district . This allows passengers to check-in and take a shuttle bus from within the Special Economic Zone and should be very convenient. It even offers free car parking space.

Update 5 august 2011 - The metro station at the Airport has opened and the best way to reach downtown Shenzhen is to use the metro. It's the green Luobu line and it starts at the Airport and goes all the way to Luohu (the border crossing with Hong Kong and the train-station). I estimate it will take about one and half hour to go from the Airport to the Luohu endpoint.


Shenzhen -- Baiyun International aiport Guangzhou
Departure from:
Running time:
Baiyun airport
Baiyun Airport at the District Office on the 7th Gate A, B area on the 10th gate
Baiyun airport
First floor of Building 618, No.1 Bagua road, Futian District


Check-in counter in Shenzhen for the Baiyun international airport in Guangzhou

Update 31st May 2009 - When you arrive in Shenzhen with a late flight, you can always take bus 330. In the past the bus would stop before the last flight arrived, but I can confirm that nowadays the Airport bus number 330 still drives untill the last flight arrives. It costs 20Y per person and goes to Luohu checkpoint. You can get off near the Merchants bank building or Shanghai hotel.


Hall B of Shenzhen airport. In the distance Hall A (the bus will pass this first)
Inside Hall B of Shenzhen Airport. On the left and right are many checkin counters. In the middle, below the big departures board is the way to the security check
Waiting area for arrival, ground floor of Hall B (take escalator down when you enter hall B). McDonalds in the back



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