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Hong Kong airport tax refund
Passengers flying out of Hong Kong International Airport are liable for a departure tax of HK$120 per person (12 years and above), but if you travel to Hong Kong by boat, airplane or helicopter, you don't need to pay this tax. Because this tax is already included in your ticket, you need to go to a special counter to get the money back.


Q: Who needs to pay the Passenger Departure Tax at Hong Kong International Airport?
A: The tax applies to everyone, with a two important exceptions:
  • Passengers who arrive Hong Kong by aircraft, pass through Hong Kong's arrival immigration controls, and depart from Hong Kong by aircraft within the same day. If you are "in transit" at Hong Kong airport and didn't pass the immigration controls, there is no "same day" requirement.
  • Passengers who arrive at Hong Kong International Airport by cross boundary ferry service for onward departure from Hong Kong by air.

Furthermore, people who hold diplomatic passports, consular staff, members of the European Commission etc. The exact list can be found on the website of the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) of HK.

Q: How do I get the tax back?
  • if you arrived by air, you may apply in person for refund in cash at the Civil Aviation Department's (CAD) 'Air Passenger Departure Tax’ Counter located at Aisle E, Level 7, Departure Hall, Terminal 1 of the Hong Kong International Airport upon production of all the following documents:
    • Tax payment evidence (i.e. original air ticket / original helicopter ticket / e-ticket which indicates that Hong Kong APDT has been paid);
    • original boarding pass of the above departure flight (for the airline passenger only);
  • if you arrived by cross boundary ferry (for example from Shenzhen/Shekou), you will arrive in a small building (the ferry Sky Pier). There you see a queue of people waiting to get the tax back. I believe you get a small form at the ferry, which you have to hand in to get money back. After you get the money back (cash in HKD), you have to wait a little while to take a shuttle bus from the ferry pier to the airport hall. If you forgot to get the tax refund at the ferry pier, your only option is to apply by post.

Q: Can I get tax refund if I arrive in Hong Kong via the land border?
A: No, unfortunately not. The HKIA website is not clear about this, but I confirmed it on the CAD website and also emailed them and they replied that indeed it's not possible if you arrive for example at the Huanggang border.

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myra guzman   | |2010-07-06 10:28:57
i was about to travel to hongkong,but i was denied due to immigration problem i want my travel tax to be refunded how can i do so?
pascalv   | |2010-12-20 04:26:39
According to this web page:

"If you have a refund coupon but fail to claim or collect your refund at SkyPier, you can contact your airline directly for refund.

Eligible passengers without refund coupons should apply for refund through the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) of the HKSAR Government by filling in the application form. Details are available on the CAD website."
Application form:

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