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Wu Tong Shan

Wu Tong Shan in the east of Shenzhen is one of the most important  scenic spots of Shenzhen. It's the highest mountain
 at 944 meters. It is possible to take a car to a restaurant below the top, but you can also walk from the bottom where the bus stops. At the parking place below the top the first part consists of very steep stairs and after that it is just steep rocks. Don't take this route on high heels! Quite tiring and narrow at places. You can walk over the top and the other side down. The other side has many stairs which make it easier to walk down to the parking place again. 

If you go early enough, you can combine it with a visit to Dong Men shopping area or to a park at the base of the mountain. 


7/10, on clear days 9/10 for the view and the exercise.  If you walk from the base to the top and back, expect to be walking around 6 hours!

How to get there?

Take a bus to the base of Wu Tong Shan in the east of Shenzhen; the subway doesn't come close at the moment. 

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James Hendry     | |2009-08-24 15:25:40
Bus numbers are 211 to the Wotong village you can then walk up though the trees next to the river or walk up the road, There is no bus at the moment to the top, The other bus is the K113 to Yantian there is stairs all the way to small wutong 700m you then have to go down 100m and back up to Da (big)Wutong(935M). On the Yantian side there is also a staircase that will (at around 2000 steps up) take you to fairlake and the temple as well.

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