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Two-day trip Shenzhen

I sometimes get asked "what should I visit in Shenzhen?".  Obviously it all depends on what you are interested in, if you travel with (little) kids etc. Because most visitors reading my website are from Western countries, I assume you are not particularly interested in seeing a Swiss village (OCT East) or miniature famous Western buildings or the Eiffel Tower (Window of the World).

That leaves the question, what IS interesting and can be done in two days Shenzhen?

Culture & Entertainment: 

Splendid China is probably interesting, because it provides an overview of China on a miniature scale and it's convenient to go there. I've not visited Splendid China myself though, so I'm not totally sure it's any good but from the outside it looks good. Splendid China also has performances all year round.



If you just want a fun day for the children, then Happy Valley is a good pick. It doesn't really have much to do with China, but it's an amusement park with lots of rides and my girlfriend enjoyed the park.



Eat at "Four seas international house " in Yitian Holiday Plaza (across the road at Window of the world) one time.



Go to Dong Men and buy some fake Nike pants for a dollar, or some better quality Chinese brands. When you walk a little while, you can also go to King Glory Plaza , but there you'll see less interesting stuff (besides much more expensive).



Suggestion for 2 days:

1. Day 1 (I assume you arrive in Shenzhen in morning) visit Dong Men in morning+midday. In afternoon go to Yitian Holiday Plaza and eat dinner in '4 seas one family' restaurant. If you have some time left, you can take some photos in the foreign bar street next to Window of the World or even go iceskating there.

2. Day 2 in morning around 09:00 first go to Splendid China and around 14:00 go to Happy Valley. Happy Valley stays open quite late, leaving you enough time to look around the park as well. 


Other stuff to visit:

  • Citizen's Center in Futian district; the modern library and theater on your left, the characteristic city hall and bookcity and in the background, on the top of the hill, a statue of Deng Xiaopeng. When the weather is good, you get quite a good overview of Futian district from the top of the hill.
  • Dafen Oil Painting Village (quite far away, best take taxi there). Your best chance to buy a Van Gogh and perhaps you'll even see some artists at work. Great if you love art; it's like a museum where you can actually buy all the stuff. Although most paintings are replicas, there is also some original art.
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d  - Visitor     | |2011-05-16 10:28:23
I have not been in China or Hong Kong since 2004 - I flew from America non stop into Hong Kong airport and stayed with friends in Kow - Loon. I then to the train to Shenzen and met friends ( Chinese } and traveled around southern China then flew on the first flight from the new Guangzou airport to Bejiing and stayed there for a while - Then back to America - I HAD A WONDERFULL TIME !
I now want to fly again into Hong Kong then come back into SHENZEN to meet with another friend who is new to Shenzen.
What do you suggest for me to do and bring with me to get about in Hong Kong - hop train ? or take Taxi ? Should I come with pre - loaded cards in Cantonese or Mandorin or both loaded with the questions I will need to use ? I already know about the pick pockets and Homelss from my last trip - what do you suggest for me to do to get around to where I want to go and safely. Thanks Very very much

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