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Sea World

The Sea World, which is known for the Minghua ship and the sea world plaza, is offering celebration activities during the Chinese New Year, including performances of Chinese martial arts, lion dances, wooden drum blessing, singing and dancing.

You can also go surfing or fishing there and have a taste of fish, oysters and vegetables that are raised or grown by the employees.

The Minghua ship contains hotels, bars and restaurants from all over the world. Sea world plaza provides room for socializing, entertaining and relaxation. The plaza will be the venue for music and dance shows from various cultures and a fair of food, arts and crafts representing a number of countries.

Tickets: Free

Tel: 2683-9388

Venue: Sea World, Taizi Road, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Buses: J1, 31, 37, 77, K105, K204, 224, 226, 233, 331, 332, 355

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