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Rivers of Guangdong
Although many rivers are badly polluted, a recent article in the Shenzhen Daily recommended two rivers in Guangdong for visiting. The first of these is the Dong(jiang) River and the second is the Xi(jiang) River. The "jiang" in the name refers to the Chinese character for river (江). As you probably have guessed, the Dongjiang river is flowing from the east into the Pearl River delta. It's a major source of water for Hong Kong. Over 70% of the domestic water in Hong Kong is imported from the Dong River. The xijiang river is the western tributary of the Pearl River.


Dongjiang River

Longchuan was established in 214BC during the Qin Dynasty. You can climb the Huoshan mountain, visit Buddhist and Taoist sites and enjoy the springs and strange rocks at Luofu Mountain.

Boluo's Shiwan township is called the "Pearl of the Dongjiang River" and borders the Dongjiang and Xisha rivers.

Although Dongguan is more famous for other kinds of entertainment (think hairdressers with red lights), shilong township in Dongguan is one of the four famous towns in Guangdong and has a history of more than 400 years.

Xijiang River

Alonf the Xijiang River are many interesting scenic spots such as the Linguang, Dading and Sanrong gorges. It's possible to take a boat from east to west. You will then pass islands and the Lingyang Gorge. There are also many rural villages such as Daqitou village in Leping township. It's supposed to be the best place in Guangdong to experience the lifestyle of the Qing Dynasty. There are many examples of Qung architecture.


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How to get there?

Car: Take the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, Meiguan Expressway or Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway to Dongguan. Take the Changping-Humen Expressway from Dongguan, Dongshen Road, Road 255 and Road 324 to Boluo.

Buses: Buses leave Shenzhen to Longchuan, Boluo and Dongguan at Futian and Nanshan bus stations every day.

Car: Take the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, Guangzhou Beihuan Expressway or Guangzhou-Sanshui Expressway to Leping in Sanshui City. Then take Road 321 to Zhaoqing from the Guangzhou-Sanshui Expressway.

Buses: Buses leave Shenzhen to Sanshui at Luohu, Futian and Nanshan bus stations every day and transfer to local touring buses to Daqitou Village from Sanshui. Buses leave Shenzhen to Zhaoqing at Luohu and Futian bus stations every day.

source: Shenzhen Daily
map of rivers: Wikipedia
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