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Evergreen Resort
Two weeks ago we went to Evergreen Resort in Nanshan district, situated against Nanshan mountain. I had low expectations, but it turned out to be quite interesting, especially for children. You need to buy tickets in what looks like a small restaurant next to the entrance. Be sure to keep these tickets, because you can later use them in the restaurant for face value!

Children can enjoy themselves very good in the park: they can play traditional games in and there is a big pirateship which is great for children to play on and slide down from. There is a nice butterfly garden where lots of butterflies fly around. There are also several vegetable gardens and fruit trees. For a small fee you can pick your own fruit such as starfruit directly from the tree. Nice for children in a big city who only see fruit in the supermarket!


For kids interested in dinosaurs, you must take them to the special primeval forest with dino statues. Highlight for me was the aquariums with huge fish. They build the aquariums in a semi-natural environment and those fish are about 2 meters long! If you more feel like to catch some (smaller) fish, that's also possible next to the pirate ship.

my wife and son playing games

You can use your entrance tickets at the main restaurant (you will see it immediately after you pass the ticket check). It is located in front of an area where you can play games with a huge (fake) tree in the middle. You can also find a small dofu-restaurant here. After your visit to the park, I recommend that you buy some sweet dofu here. Tasted very good.

Verdict: 7

Better than I expected, good if you travel with little kids. Not really recommended for adults wanting to see some Chinese culture though.

How to get there?

The evergreen website has directions. There is no subway, so you need to take either a taxi or a bus. I believe we took bus 210 near the entrance back to Futian.

Admission Fee:

Quite expensive, 60RMB for adults and children over 1.5 meter. For smaller children and adults 65-69 the cost is 30 RMB. Small babies and old people over 70 are free. I think we spend a bit more (85pp for adults), perhaps those are special tickets for eating in the restaurant? Anyway, if you want to eat there, make sure you ask about it!

Opening hours:

morning around 9 till evening around 6 (forgot exact times) There are various performances in the park at fixed times throughout the day. Try to plan your visit such that you can see those. We arrived quite late, so there were no performances anymore.

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