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Citizen's Center

thumb_shenzhen_library_insideCitizen's Center is the new heart of Shenzhen in Futian district. The city hall is the most remarkable building in this area with a roof in the shape of a bird. Next to it (on the east side) you will find the beautiful Shenzhen Library and Shenzhen Concert hall. You can enter the Shenzhen Library every day (except monday) for free and relax and read some books or magazines. Highly recommended for some rainy days!

If you want to buy some books, just cross the square to the biggest and newest bookstore of Shenzhen. Inside several restaurants, a small bookstore specialized in English books and the big bookstore with quite a good selection of English Computer Science books.

To the north of the bookstore you will see a park with on top of a hill a statue of Deng Xiaopeng. From the top of the hill you can take a beautiful photo of Citizen's Center. 

Although the buildings are beautiful during daytime, it's also worth walking around this aread shortly in the evening to marvel at the architecture.


8/10 for modern architecture and book-lovers. Recommended route: arrive around 13:00, eat something in the bookstore and look for some books. Walk up the hill in the park and take some photos.  Afterwards walk to the library, relax and read a bit more. When it is getting dark you will get a whole new perspective.

How to get there

Address: Fuzhong Road 1, Futian District (福田区福中一路)

Metro:  Shao Nian Gong Station (Children’s Palace 少年宫站), Exit C or D


105、232、371、60、107、234、236、41 etc. Civic Center stop


14、237、322、350、38、41、60、K105、107、108、111、15、215、228、235、236、25、35 Line A、35 Line B、41 express、65 etc.  Children Hospital stop



We're standing on top of the Shenzhen bookcity, looking towards the South and the characteristic building shaped as a wave

Left the Shenzhen Library and right the concert hall


Looking through the Citizens Center, in the back the Exhibition Center


Between the bookcity and the library and concert hall. You can also see the w-shaped roof of the city hall. Nowadays this area looks very different; paved and with some trees and benches. Development in Shenzhen goes quickly!
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