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Evergreen Resort
Two weeks ago we went to Evergreen Resort in Nanshan district, situated against Nanshan mountain. I had low expectations, but it turned out to be quite interesting, especially for children. You need to buy tickets in what looks like a small restaurant next to the entrance. Be sure to keep these tickets, because you can later use them in the restaurant for face value!

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 25 October 2011 )
Diwang Mansion
Diwang Mansion is the highest building in Shenzhen with a height of 384 meters. From the 69th floor you have a great view over the city. I've not been here myself, but want to go sometime. Be sure to pick a day with clear skies. In August it is dark around 19:00, so you should arrive before that if you want to see really far away.
Rivers of Guangdong
Although many rivers are badly polluted, a recent article in the Shenzhen Daily recommended two rivers in Guangdong for visiting. The first of these is the Dong(jiang) River and the second is the Xi(jiang) River. The "jiang" in the name refers to the Chinese character for river (江). As you probably have guessed, the Dongjiang river is flowing from the east into the Pearl River delta. It's a major source of water for Hong Kong. Over 70% of the domestic water in Hong Kong is imported from the Dong River. The xijiang river is the western tributary of the Pearl River.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 03 October 2010 )
Shenzhen Waterlands resort
Shenzhen Waterlands Resort is a eco-park in Bao'an district centered around the Chinese wetlands and fishing. It covers an area of 1.7 million square meters and is dotted with lakes, streams, wood and grass. You can go fishing in either salt water or fresh water. There are also botanical gardens, springs, a mangrove area, a group-activity area and some areas for children to play. In "Fun World" you can enjoy many water-related activities such as walking over a chain bridge, a floating bridge etc. Chinese tourists go here to escape from the city and educate their children about nature.

The park also offers several accomodations for the night: from oddly shaped hotels to cabins at the lake (about 500RMB/night).


Last Updated ( Monday, 15 February 2010 )
Splendid China folk culture village

Shenzhen Splendid China folk culture village is a theme park in the center of Shenzhen, close to Window of the World. Originally it consisted of two parks: Splendid China and China folk culture village, but those two parks have been combined in 2003 into one bigger park. When you first enter the park, you have the option of first visiting the Folk Culture Villages or first the Splendid China part. I visited the park with my girlfriend, her parents and my parents. We all thought the Folk Culture Villages part of the park was much more interesting than the Splendid China part. The shows and many small performances make it definitely worthwhile. Below you will find a detailed description of the main attractions inside the park.


Big performance with lots of horses in Splendid china

Last Updated ( Saturday, 30 January 2010 )
Two-day trip Shenzhen

I sometimes get asked "what should I visit in Shenzhen?".  Obviously it all depends on what you are interested in, if you travel with (little) kids etc. Because most visitors reading my website are from Western countries, I assume you are not particularly interested in seeing a Swiss village (OCT East) or miniature famous Western buildings or the Eiffel Tower (Window of the World).

That leaves the question, what IS interesting and can be done in two days Shenzhen?

Last Updated ( Sunday, 26 April 2009 )
OCT East

OCT East is a theme park that was opened in summer of 2007, but it's a bit hard to place it into a certain category. OCT is one of the biggest real estate companies in Shenzhen. They somehow managed to buy an area of about 9 square kilometers in the east of Shenzhen, close to DaMeiSha beach. The main attactions are the three major theme parks: Knight Valley, Tea Stream Valley and Wind Valley. There are lots of houses built in Swiss style, there is a tea area and there are performances during certain times of the day. There is also a huge golf course, hotels and real estate.



OCT East - tea stream valley


Last Updated ( Sunday, 19 April 2009 )
Xianhu botanical park

Xianhu botanical park in Luohu district in the east of Shenzhen is famous for it's Buddhist temple. Besides a temple, there are also various other things to see and the park is quite large. So large in fact, that I recommend that you take the bus inside the park to the Buddhist temple on a mountain. It saves you lots of time and energy walking up. Afterwards you can walk back down, or also take the bus back. Entrance fee for the botanical garden is 20Y/person and in weekends it can be quite busy.


Entrance Buddhist Temple on a busy day (Spring Festival 2009)




Last Updated ( Sunday, 01 February 2009 )
Sea World

The Sea World, which is known for the Minghua ship and the sea world plaza, is offering celebration activities during the Chinese New Year, including performances of Chinese martial arts, lion dances, wooden drum blessing, singing and dancing.

You can also go surfing or fishing there and have a taste of fish, oysters and vegetables that are raised or grown by the employees.

The Minghua ship contains hotels, bars and restaurants from all over the world. Sea world plaza provides room for socializing, entertaining and relaxation. The plaza will be the venue for music and dance shows from various cultures and a fair of food, arts and crafts representing a number of countries.

Happy Valley Shenzhen

Happy Valley is a large modern amusement park in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The park is composed of nine areas with different themes:

  • Spanish Square,
  • Cartoon City,
  • Mt. Adventure,
  • Gold Mine Town,
  • Shangri-la Woods,
  • Sunshine Beach,
  • Typhoon Bay,
  • Playa Maya Water Park
  • Happy Times.


roller coaster in Happy Valley


Last Updated ( Saturday, 24 January 2009 )
Shenzhen hotel

Shenzhen contains many hotels and it can be difficult to decide where to stay. When you are deciding on a hotel, it helps if you know where you want to go in Shenzhen. The city stretches roughly from west to east along the Hong Kong border. 

Where to stay for Tourism?

I suggest you stay in Nanshan, Futian or Luohu districts. I think either Nanshan or Futian is fine. Most sights are in those two districts and there are plenty transportation options available.

Where to stay for Business?

Most major factories are located outside the city center, in Bao'an and Longgang or even further away. There are fewer hotels in those areas, so you will likely end up staying in the city and taking a taxi. There is no need to stay in a hotel close to the airport in my opinion.



Last Updated ( Sunday, 23 November 2008 )
Dapeng Fortress

Dapeng Fortress was built over 600 years ago to resist Japanese pirates who'd been harassing the southern coastal areas of Guangdong. However, the fortress is best known as the site of the British Naval attack of September 4, 1839, in which British forces attacked China in what is widely considered the beginning of the Opium Wars. As local legend goes, Chinese troops in fishing boats, led by General Lai Enjue, defeated the better-equipped enemy.

Today, visitors come to the fortress to admire the inside of the walled town.


Last Updated ( Saturday, 25 October 2008 )
Dafen oil painting village

Dafen oil painting village is located in Buji Subdistrict, the village is the world’s largest mass producer of oil paintings — a virtual art factory. But Dafen has more to offer than cheap paintings. Dafen was founded by a Hong Kong businessman who began production with several dozen artists in 1989, but the village has grown a lot in the last 20 years. Now 5,000 artists produce more than 5 million paintings every year, and Dafen has become famous all over the world.






Painter at work in Dafen


Last Updated ( Thursday, 01 October 2009 )
Window of the World

Window of the World is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shenzhen. The park covers an area of 480,000m2 and is divided into the World Square, Asia Area, Oceania Area, Europe Area, North America Area, World Sculpture Park and International Street. Window of the World shows the Worlds key points of interest, natural scenes, world wonders, folk’ housing, sculpture etc; totally more than 130 scenic spots. There are also entertainment programs, but all of this never really attracted me to go to this park. When you drive along WotW you can clearly see a miniature version of the Eiffel tower in the park and the International street with the hotels in foreign styles.




picture of Eiffel tower in Shenzhen Window of the World


Last Updated ( Saturday, 30 January 2010 )
Safari Park

Shenzhen has a zoo called "Wild Animal Zoo - Safari Park Shenzhen". I visited it in 2006 and admission at the time was 100Y/person, but currently it is 120Y/person. Actually, the zoo is better than most other Asian zoos, though not yet up to the standards of zoos I visited in the Netherlands. On the upside is that they have some great shows: with birds, lions and on a big track with various animals: tricks with running horses, bears cycling and so on. They also have panda bears and many monkeys and other wild animals.

You can look at the photos I took during our visit. 

 safari park animals zebras

Overall quite a good day!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 30 November 2008 )
Citizen's Center

thumb_shenzhen_library_insideCitizen's Center is the new heart of Shenzhen in Futian district. The city hall is the most remarkable building in this area with a roof in the shape of a bird. Next to it (on the east side) you will find the beautiful Shenzhen Library and Shenzhen Concert hall. You can enter the Shenzhen Library every day (except monday) for free and relax and read some books or magazines. Highly recommended for some rainy days!

If you want to buy some books, just cross the square to the biggest and newest bookstore of Shenzhen. Inside several restaurants, a small bookstore specialized in English books and the big bookstore with quite a good selection of English Computer Science books.

To the north of the bookstore you will see a park with on top of a hill a statue of Deng Xiaopeng. From the top of the hill you can take a beautiful photo of Citizen's Center. 

Although the buildings are beautiful during daytime, it's also worth walking around this aread shortly in the evening to marvel at the architecture.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 08 February 2011 )
Wu Tong Shan

Wu Tong Shan in the east of Shenzhen is one of the most important  scenic spots of Shenzhen. It's the highest mountain
 at 944 meters. It is possible to take a car to a restaurant below the top, but you can also walk from the bottom where the bus stops. At the parking place below the top the first part consists of very steep stairs and after that it is just steep rocks. Don't take this route on high heels! Quite tiring and narrow at places. You can walk over the top and the other side down. The other side has many stairs which make it easier to walk down to the parking place again. 

If you go early enough, you can combine it with a visit to Dong Men shopping area or to a park at the base of the mountain. 

Last Updated ( Sunday, 30 November 2008 )
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