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Photos Asia Fixed Gear Championship 2011
Today was the first day of the Asia Fixed Gear Championship 2011, being organized in Shenzhen. It's the first time, but it was a great event even though some of the checkpoints were too difficult according to some competitors. Nevertheless it was a great event with lots of participants from inside and outside China. I only took photos during the main Alleycat race, but there were also other subevents such as showing off bikes etc. Here are some of the photos:

Fixedgear bikes

Last Updated ( Sunday, 29 May 2011 )
Shenzhen go karting

There are several places where you can go karting in Shenzhen. The two most famous ones are Shajing and Xiangmi Hu. I've not been to either yet, but plan to do so in the future. According to some discussions about the two go-karting places, the Shajing track seems more popular. Some people have complained that the karts at Xiangmi Hu are not all good maintained. There were also reports that the people in Shajing want to let you pay for damages to the karts if you break anything - bit weird, that should be insured. Both tracks have fast 100cc karts, which are able to go very fast.





Last Updated ( Monday, 15 February 2010 )
Missions Hills Golf Iron Man Golfathon

Mission Hills Golf Club (which has the world’s largest collection of golf courses with 12 layouts) has organized the Iron Man of golf since 2004. In 2009 the 9th edition of this golf challenge will be held from May 1 through August 31, 2009. The tournament is widely regarded as one of Asia’s most popular and grueling open challenges in golf. Since its inauguration, the Mission Hills Golfathon has become an annual tradition at the world-famous resort with thousands of avid golfers from around the world descending on the club to test their mettle – physically and mentally.




Last Updated ( Sunday, 26 April 2009 )
Bowling in Shenzhen

There are various places in Shenzhen where you can go bowling. Each bowling alley I have visited had shoes in large sizes (12 / 48) and lots of different bowling balls also for people with big hands. The lanes are generally well maintained and the bowling software is in English and if you cannot understand it, the staff always lends a hand. Normally you pay per game, so if you and your friend play 5 games each, the total will be 10 games + shoe rent. Bowling costs around 8-12Y per game and shoes cost around 5 yuan per person. Total cost for an hour bowling would be about 125Y. There must be around 15 bowling alleys in Shenzhen, but I've only been to a few. Read below to find some addresses for bowling alleys in Shenzhen:

Bowling alley in Futian behind the Press Tower
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 April 2010 )
Golf Shenzhen

Shenzhen has some of the best golf courses in China. Two of the courses are in the top-10 of China according to an article by

1. Spring City Golf & Lake Resort (Lake course), Kunming, Yunnan province

2. Spring City Golf & Lake Resort (Mountain course), Kunming, Yunnan province

3. Sheshan Golf Club, Shanghai

4. Shenzhen Golf Club, Shenzhen, Guangdong province

5. Tiger Beach Golf Links, Haiyang, Shandong province

6. Lakeview Golf Club, Kunming, Yunnan province

7. Jian Lake Golf & Country Club, Shaoxing, Zhejiang province

8. Trans Strait Golf Club, Fuzhou, Fujian province

9. Pine Valley Golf Resort & Country Club (Old course), Beijing

10. Mission Hills Golf Club (Norman course), Shenzhen, Guangdong province



Norman golf course in Shenzhen



Last Updated ( Monday, 21 July 2008 )

Swimming is possible all throughout the city. Most good communities in fact have a swimming pool. That one might be hidden behind a gate or on top of a shopping mall, so you would never know even when you passed it daily. Some of these community swimming poolsare just open for non-residents. Best to ask around in your neighbourhood. The price of the swimming pool next to our appartment building is 20Y/2 hours, quite expensive I think. I'll list some addresses of other swimming pools in Futian and Nanshan on this page later.

If you prefer to swim in the sea, I would advice you to go to the east of Shenzhen. The water close to the city is way too polluted to swim and there are no good beaches anyway. In the east of Shenzhen there are several good beaches, some are public (dameisha beach) or private (xichong, judiaoshi beaches for example). Quite nice over here, and good places to go surfing, play volleybal, or just lay on the beach.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 17 June 2008 )
Alps iceskating

Alps iceskating is located next to Window of the World, and can be reached by walking through the European street. It's hard to believe, but in the middle of the summer, you can actually still iceskate in Shenzhen! I didn't skate here myself, but we visited the hall and I was quite impressed by the size. The ice seemed a little bit on the soft side, but that's to be expected when the temperature outside is around 30C!! It costs 50 Yuan/2 hours. 


Alps iceskating entrance



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