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Tiananmen Square in Lego

While we were looking around in the relatively new Jusco in Futian district, we came across this beautifully made copy of Tiananmen Square to commemorate the 60th anniversary of China. It looks like Lego, but it's some Chinese brand. Very impressive - and also very very expensive! The price-tag for the whole set: 88888Yuan (so about 9000 euro!). I don't think they want anyone to actually buy it, but it sure looks great!




Enjoy the photos below:

Click the thumbnails for higher resolution photos (1024x768):
Forbidden City on left with stands for spectators
Army marching past the forbidden city
People's great hall
Overview so you can see how big it is!
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Leo R   | |2009-09-28 19:57:47
Lego is goeoeoeoeoeoed... Maar ik mis de tanks...
Mirmo  - Lego   | |2009-12-02 02:32:58
Wow.. amazing Lego. I thought it's real. I remembered composing a research paper about Lego, back in my High School days.
echsw   | |2009-12-31 10:45:23
verry good
Mirjam Lambooij   | |2010-03-21 22:43:14
Enig idee of dit er nog staat? Wij zijn de eerste week van mei in Shenzhen, in gezelschap van een Lego-verslaagde.

Mirjam Lambooij
Mirjam Lambooij   | |2010-03-21 22:45:11
Jaaa, da's een tikfout (verslaafde dus).
Thijs  - helaas niet meer   | |2010-03-21 22:46:46
Helaas niet meer, een weekje later was het alweer verdwenen

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