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LuoHu Commercial City

"LuoHu Commercial City"  is the first major shopping center / district you'll find as soon as you cross the border into Shenzhen from the train. As you exit customs you'll walk out into a huge outdoor courtyard. If you go ahead then off to your right you'll find the entrance to the shopping center. It's not obvious to spot at first so just watch for where people are entering and exiting. The mall is in a sleek blue glass building at the exit of the Chinese border crossing.

The center itself is five levels high and apparently the quality of goods improves with the higher the level. Level five is where all the tailors and clothing shops are, and there are a maze of them. The center also sells knock-off copies of electronics, camera and computer related gear (complete with copy-cat labels).  The center also sells jewelry, toys, bags,
shoes, cellphone accessories and so on. You need to bargain hard (about 1/3 of the original price and expect that everything is fake, especially Gucci, Chanel etc) Also be aware of pickpockets everywhere!


 LuoHu Commercial City building


How to get there?

Address:  Luohu border crossing

Subway is most convenient if you are already in Shenzhen. Just take the subway till the end of the line.


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mike  - Where to buy LV GUCCI CHANEL ROLEX OMEGA Dior HERM   | |2010-10-26 00:35:21
Shenzhen is a very famous international metroplolis ,with high-tech industry、tour、amusement、shopping and food in it ,attracting millions of foreign visitors to come every year.Most people come here and forget to left and like to live here.

If you like shopping,Luohu Commercial City is a good place for you ,shouldn’t miss it .It is one of the biggest shopping malls in Shenzhen, lies at the border of Hongkong and Shenzhen,with all type of equipment complete to suit people need in it and is very busy .Luohu Commercial City is very well knowed by people in Southeast Asia ,and many people in America and Europe know it,too.They usually come here for purchase .

Luohu Commercial City is make up of five floors ,with more than 1700 shops in it ,for sale a various of goods ,here you almost can find anything you want.For example,the goods for sale here including fashion wear、sports wear、shoes、handbags、suitcase、jewelry、watches、sunglasses、toys、CDs、DVDs、video games、golf、traditional medicine for men and women,and the good brand including LV、GUCCI、CHANEL、ROLEX、OMEGA、Dior、FENDI、VERSACE、CHLOE、HERMES、COACH、CARTIER and so on ,you can easily find world famous brand here .Compare with any mall in the world ,you will find that the goods for sale here are cheaper,as all the products are from chinese factories directly . Sure,most of good brand goods are copys,not real ! But they are make of high quality material ,same as the products of real brand ,it is very difficult for people to distinguish that it is a real or copy .So that is why people come from different country like to come here for shopping ,just cost less than 10% of money to buy a real , can get one the same as real .Usually people buy that as gift to make their family or friends happy,or purchase copys here and sell them in ot...
claire hunt  - how to buy on line from shenzhen   | |2011-07-17 06:06:59
I perchased some very nice handbags while on holiday in shenzhen, how do i buy on line

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