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King Glory Plaza

King Glory Plaza in Luohu district is quite close to Dong Men. When you take the subway, get off at GuoMao (one stop before Luohu trainstation). The ground floor and upper floors are home to several expensive brands, but luckily there are also afforable brands such as Zara, American Apparel etc. When we were there in april 2009, there was a sale at the basement (same level as subway entrance). There are also lots of restaurants and food shops at this level : Breadtalk, Croissants de France, Malaysian curry, Taiwanese baozi, hotpot, Brazilian food and several others.

When you walk from King Glory to the northeast, you will pass two other shopping malls: first Shenzhen International Trade Plaza. This shopping mall is less big but there is a Subway inside this one :)

After the Trade Plaza shopping mall, you will encounter Rainbow/Partyworld. Here is a good supermarket with plenty of good vegetables and fruit (though not so much bread). Also some clothes shops, just like other Rainbow stores in Shenzhen. Continue along the road and you will see a huge U-shaped footbridge which leads you to the Dong Men shopping area. 

luxury interior of King Glory Plaza
West entrance to King Glory Plaza, to the left (not visible) is Dong Men
Interior of  Shenzhen International Trade Plaza. On the 3rd floor on the right side is Subway.
When we were there april 2009, there was a clothes sale at the ground floor
Rainbow / Partyworld building. Just to the left is Dong Men.
Footbridge between DongMen (on the left) and the more upmarket area (Rainbow, Trade Plaza and King Glory) on the right
How to get there?
Easiest is to take the subway to GuoMao, which is one stop before the end of the line (at Luohu). Then take exit A:
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