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Ikea Shenzhen opened in April 2008 and has already generated quite a buzz in the city prior to opening. Ikea misses the crazy housing market from 2007, but I'm sure many Shenzhen people will be interested to see what this Swedish brand has to offer. Sunday the 20th of April we visited Ikea in Nanshan for the first time. Together with several thousands of Chinese, see the photos!  


When we went home around 16:00, there was a queue at the entrance to Ikea. I think they (wisely) decided that the store was too busy and only let people in slowly. See below for more photos!

Some photos from the store:
After you pass the check-out, you will find a small shop with lots of Swedish food. For example the famous knäckebröd! The big round knackebrod costs 19.50 yuan (400 gram). Not too bad! They also sell lots of other foods like chips, jam, or cheese:
Swedish Shop Ikea Shenzhen
Knackebrod and cheese
Next to the Swedish food shop, they also sell good icecream (1 yuan, everyone seemed to enjoy this cheap icecream!) and hotdogs (only 2 yuan!):

 We ate in the restaurant, and although there was a huge queue, it went quite fast. The whole store felt very efficient and the workers seemed to be well trained. Much better than lots of other stores.


Swedish meatballs, salad, french fries, unlimted refills softdrink and some potato dish. Yummy!


Shenzhen Party wrote a first impression about the Ikea store. SZDaiy also wrote a news article about Ikea .  



It was extremely busy when we went there, but that is to be expected on the first weekend. In general the Chinese people seem quite impressed with the store and for me it looks like typical Ikea stores in the Netherlands. Very big store, quite good quality and not too expensive and nice simple Ikea designs. The restaurant is definately not to be missed!  8/10.



How to get there?


IKEA Shenzhen Address:

Opening times: 10:00am to 22:00pm

There is a free shuttle bus from entrance H1 at the subway stop Window of the World. When you go out, you will someone from Ikea waiting there.  The free shuttle bus to Ikea leaves quite often and it only takes a few minutes. With a (free) member card from Ikea called "Ikea Family" (available at the exit), you can get some discounts on certain products and in the restaurant on some dishes.

Tel: (0755) 8602 2345   



Address :

No. 8188 Beihuan Dadao
Nanshan District, Shenzhen
(Off of Shahedong Rd. in the European City)

Address (Chinese):
宜家家居 深圳市南山区北环大道8188号 (沙河东路北环大道交界西北角欧洲城内)

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jen  - how is the price in the restaurant?   | |2009-06-26 21:35:44
how much can a person spend for the meatball meal?
i love this food.. i had tried it when i was in canada...
Thijs Terlouw  - Swedish meatballs in Ikea   | |2009-06-26 23:19:01
I'm not totally sure anymore. You can buy 10, 15 or 20 meatballs. It includes some sauce and potato mash. 15.5 Yuan for 10 meatballs. Icecream costs 1 yuan. Hotdog with cola costs 5 Yuan

You can find the prices here:
jen  - Ikea resto   | |2009-06-26 23:24:05
cool! thanks for the info.

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