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Dreams-on department store
Friday evening, the 25th of November 2010 the department store formerly known as Moi (in Futian district, across the road from Coco Park) reopened after several months of redecorating. Moi was always relatively high-end and didn't look 'old' at all, but apparently it was not high-end enough. So they closed the mall and put in lots of marble. My wife went there at the day of the opening to take some photos and shop.

Dreams-On department store on opening day

Dreams-on feels quite spacious. The walking corridors are very wide, you can easily drive a car through it. They used lots of marble as well. Previously the first floor of Moi sold mainly shoes, jewelry and watches, but now the shoes have been replaced by cosmetics and clothes. Dreams-On in total has two floors. On the second floor is also a good sized supermarket.

Dreams-on has a distinctive look to it. The outside has been redecorated as well and now has a square-neon lightning effect. Hard to describe, but you can see the photos below.


new logo, name and lightning


looking down from the 2nd floor

the open area at the north entrance shows the two floors clearly


Also some baby/kids clothes and buggies

How to get there?

Take the subway to Gou Wu Gong Yuan (Coco Park). Walk through Coco Park, go up to the ground level and cross the road towards the South of Coco Park. You'll immediately see Dreams-On

Opening times:
Daily 10:00 - 22:30

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