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Dong Men

Dong Men (东门, East Gate) is a shopping area in the east of Shenzhen in Luohu district. It consists of several shopping streets with smaller shops and restaurants and two big shopping malls: Moi and Sun Plaza. Good area to find clothes, bed clothes and curtains. 


Busy square in Dong Men with international fastfood chains KFC and McDonalds (april 2009)


First about the main shopping streets of Dong Men : it always seems to be very busy, especially in the weekends. Good place to find bargains, either in the countless small streets or in the two big shopping malls. Generally the quality is a bit better inside the big malls, but it can also be fun to spend some hours looking at the countless small shops. In the two big department there are also stores that sell good quality bed sets. Ranging in price from a few hundred to several thousand yuan. 


Opposite to the shopping area you will find many shops that sell curtains and bed clothes. I have been to HuaJia fabric plaza and to Dong Men Curtain World. When you get off the bus at Dong Men stop and walk towards the footbridge you will see HuaJia fabric plaza. Inside HuaJia on the 2nd and 3rd floor there are many small curtain shops. Curtain World is located behind HuaJia. On the 3rd and 4th floor many fabrics are sold to make your own clothes or curtains. On the 5th and 6th floor there are many small curtain shops again. We bought our curtains there. Prices range from 15Y to 50Y per square meter.

Here is a map of DongMen shopping area:



click on the map to go to the full version on



Dongmen in 1980



8/10 for shopping : lots of different shops, also some nice restaurants. Don't expect to find Gucci (at least the real one), but lots of clothes from very cheap to good Chinese brands.


How to get there?

Subway : laojie station exit A. Turn left and you should see the crowds.

Bus : many busses go to east gate. For example 102, 103B, 113 and 203. Just follow the crowd when you get off the bus to the shopping streets. Probably you will have to cross over a foodbridge to the other side of the road.

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Anonymous   | |2009-02-06 16:22:52
Great web site. Very well done and accurate.
jason  - Great Info   | |2009-10-20 01:29:14
Vey nice info..i planning to shenzhen to buy HP printer spare you know which area?

Thijs   | |2009-10-28 22:22:20
For printer parts (and other electronics), I suggest you look around in the area around SEG. See my other article about that one!
demiss bereda  - manager     | |2010-08-10 18:21:50
i want to come to shenzehn to buy computers,printers,laptop, hard disc, and so on. now i am in yiwu. but i didnt go to shezhn before can iget this goods by cheper prices? i will buy this goods in bulk
thank you

Thijs   | |2010-08-11 14:52:06
Hi Demiss, there are many electronics shops in Shenzhen, but not in Dong Men. You have to go to the area around SEG; I also wrote an article about that area. I only bought for personal usage, but I sometimes see people who look like bulk-buyers there. You definitely will need to spend a few days there, because there are hundreds (if not thousands) of small electronics shops!
Raymond     | |2011-02-13 16:40:20
What and where is SEG?
Thijs  - SEG     | |2011-02-13 17:10:14
SEG is a big electronics market / area. See this article:
Raymond  - Dong Men     | |2011-02-13 16:39:40
I live in HK and will be going to Dong Men. How will I go there coming from Lo Wu station?
Anonymous   | |2010-07-23 22:17:28

LOve this web
krunal   | |2010-08-02 21:00:48
I am coming to shenzhen for 2 days in month time. I looking for good shopping for male and female. But I am looking for cheap fake branded stuff. Can you advise me where I can find that. And can I get few areas or malls or streets please.

Many thanks

Thijs  - DongMen     | |2010-08-05 14:47:51
Krunal, you have arrived at the correct page DongMen is famous for it's fake cheap brand clothes. The area is quite big and confusing. Make sure you go into those small alleys and you will find lots of small shops selling tons of clothes. Finding big sizes can be difficult though. Just walk around in DongMen and you will soon discover enough. There are also lots of "normal" shops, which probably do not carry what you are looking for.
david   | |2010-08-19 00:16:35
I am in shenzhen and i stay near the exhibition centre, i thank you for the goof information. How can i go to dong men shopping area. Also how can i go to the SEG electronic area? Thanks
Thijs  - Exhibition Center to DongMen/SEG     | |2010-08-19 10:26:04
you are lucky, it's very convenient to take the subway from the Exhibition Center (HuiZhang ZhongXin) to SEG (Huaqiang Lu) and DongMen (LaoJie): you take line 1 from the Exh.Center towards Luohu. See for more details my transport -> metro page.
Jia min  - postoffice   | |2010-10-18 22:41:26
Is there any post office nearby dong men?
Zillion Chong  - MY 1ST TIME - TO VISIT SHENZHEN     | |2010-10-03 17:28:33
Hi, I am interested to go to Dongmen street for shopping. Is this shopping place safe? Heard many people said dongmen have many pickpockets. Also heard that Luohu Commercial City is famous for pickpockets & robbery cases. Is this true? What's the opening hours for Dongmen shopping? Please reply me as soon as possible. I am from Singapore & planning to visit Shenzhen in 1 month time. I also want to know if I am taking ferry, can I buy ticket on the spot? After visiting ShenZhen, I want to go to Zhu Hai & later to Macau. Can u let me know whether I can go to Macau from Zhu Hai? Thank you.
Thijs     | |2010-10-03 18:40:20
Just as in every busy area anywhere in the world, you should also look out for your personal stuff in Shenzhen. I have never been robbed, but I always keep a close eye on my stuff and put my wallet inside a bag with a zipper and carry it in front of me.

Opening hours for Dong Men... hmm I guess around 10 in the morning, to around 10 or 11 in the evening. Not sure exactly.

For the ferry you can buy tickets at the terminal indeed. It's easy to take the ferry from Shenzhen to Zhuhai, but you could also take the bus. Zhuhai borders Macau directly, so you just need to cross some big building where they check your passport etc. Very easy.
Karol   | |2010-10-24 00:14:17

I'm currently in shenzhen and will stay here for another 9 days.
I'm looking for Chihese brand pocket folding knife's for gifts can I buy these in Dong Men?
Thijs   | |2010-10-24 16:24:26
yes, you can probably find it in DongMen. It's a very big place though, we don't know exactly where you could find it. For gifts i would recommend reading my article "shenzhen - shopping - gift shops" :

In luohu district in Sungang and some of the other gift shops there. You can find lots of such stuff, also things you never thought of otherwise
Koh  - Macau to Shenzhen   | |2011-04-04 18:56:15

How to go from Macau Airport to Shenzhen (Lao Jie Metro Station)?
Arrive in Macau airport on 14 April 2011 at 6pm.

My Plan
1st) Take Macau AP 1 bus to Macau Martime Ferry Terminal
2nd) Take Ferry from Macau to Shekou - Any other routes?
3rd) Shekou Metro to Lao Jie Station - How much?

Thijs kindly advise what other routes can I take?
a) Is the Shekou ferry terminal near to the Shekou metro station?
b) The routes above is it handicapped friendly?
Ceknur  - Toys shopping   | |2010-12-01 14:58:56
i'm coming to do some shopping with my 3 children. can anyone recommend me the best place to shop for toys for my children (age 1-5yrs old)?
Thijs     | |2010-12-02 09:19:26
Hi Ceknur, every department store has an area where you can buy children's toys. Chinese kids are sometimes called little emperors, because they get all they want, so you can imagine there is a good toy-business. If you are looking for something more off the beaten track, I suggest you look at my article about gift shops:
Those gift shops/malls are interesting, but can be quite busy. The up-scale department stores such as Coco Park, near SEG (next to Women's world), Moi etc etc are more spacious, very clean etc.
Mapri  - baby & children's stuffs   | |2011-03-02 14:07:43
Hi Thijs, I found your website very detailed & useful indeed. Thanks a lot for providing those informations. My family & I will come to Shenzhen in April for leisure & shopping. Could you please tell me where can I buy middle-low end (preferably cheaper) baby & children's stuffs (clothes, shoes, toys, etc.) in wholesale?
And if want to do some shopping for those stuffs in 2-3 days, is it better to stay near Dongmen Area or maybe in Futian/Nanshan? Sorry if I'm mistaken, I've never been to China before & my Chinese is almost null please help me. Thank you
Yvonne  - Thank you!   | |2010-12-05 06:05:15
Great website! I have been to Shenzhen a few times but I felt a bit lost and wasn't able to orientate myself so well(due to my young age also and limited chinese). Next time I'm going there I'll definitely check your website before. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Lin  - Whole sale baby clothes   | |2011-03-26 21:38:17
Hi! Can you tell me where would I go to buy baby clothes in bulk? Thinking of starting a business and was told Dong Men is a good place to start. Thanks!
Thijs  - Wholesale   | |2011-03-29 22:56:39
There are indeed many clothes shops in Dong Men, but I'm not sure if you can find wholesales there as well.
ssnet  - Lovely Place   | |2011-04-17 14:34:56
I love this web and this Place from Thailand
teddy  - for baby clothes   | |2011-12-21 16:03:39
for baby clothese u should go to guangzhou ,zhongshangba road, it is the biggest baby clothes market in the world.,sure u will be surprice,
if u need help.ple email; shenzhen tendroid international
fernando h  - blackberry & iphone repair parts   | |2011-06-23 00:42:30
Hello im interested in knowing where is the best place to find wholesale repair parts for blackberry and iphone phones? im interested in bying in big and small quantity. is goin to the markets the same as goin to the factorys if not can we buy from the factorys and do the factorys and markets ship to usa?
teddy  - for blackberry and iphone repair parts.   | |2011-12-21 16:00:06
i think u should go to shenzhen huaqiangbei, electronic market,there got one market called pangyuan communication marker, i always purchasing from there, the price is quite fair.i am shenzhen tendroid international buying and sourcing company
ely  - the best way to booking hotel in shenzhen   | |2011-07-15 15:08:39
hi.. this web is really good ..i do hope that it's manage to help me.. i and my family will go to shenzhen(eastgate of shenzhen) on 3/12/11-4/12/11. But we're travelling from HK(we will stay there for 4days) and decided to take the MTR to Luohu Station. Now we're facing a problem regarding to hotel booking in Shenzhen. Could you please advice me the best way or the web that we can trust in hotel reservation?. Because during the conversation with the person incharge of the hotel reservation in Shenzhen, most of them can't speak English.
thanks for you help..

Thijs     | |2011-07-15 22:09:55
My (Chinese) wife also uses, so I think that's one of the best options:

You can search by district (pick Luohu district if you want to stay close to Dong Men). You might as well stay in another area though, for example Nanshan or Futian (area Overseas Chinese Town). Nowadays with the metro travel is very easy! In the upscale hotels they will speak English for sure, but I'm not sure about the smaller ones. I think also though.
ely  - suggested hotel   | |2011-07-19 11:12:54
hi! there,

can you please suggest the nearest hotel to Lo Wu MTR station which is still near to Dong men. B'coz this is our 1st visit to shenzhen, so do really need help.

tq so much
teddy  - for hotel booking   | |2011-12-21 16:06:59
i can help u..i am chinese,,,before u come ,email me.i book for u. free of charge serive, .
lisa   | |2012-01-30 16:48:05
hi.. i am going to HK in april.. we are plan to go to shenzhen also.. please advise me where to buy whose sell dress, beg and women clothing.. urgent reply please..
imelda van der wulp  - I want address or shopping mall or area which sell   | |2011-07-21 09:48:31
Hi I looking for baby stuffs, cos im pregnant and i want to shopping baby stuff in shenzhen. Please help me give a detail addresses for me so i can hunting there. I will go there on 24 july 2011 thanks i waiting for ur informations thanks
kathy   | |2012-01-31 18:52:44
What is the name of the area where you can find home decorations? Crate and barrell type things .
eddie lim  - shopping     | |2012-02-26 05:20:54
i going to shenchen dongmen which hotel is good & cheap & near to shop

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