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Coco Park

Coco Park is a modern shopping complex located at the GouWuGongYuan subway stop. It is build partially above and partially underground with a large open area in the center. The street level has various expensive clothes shops, but on other levels there are various restaurants (update June 2009 - and a great food court called Delicity ) and even some bars and a starbucks coffee. When you go down one floor, you will find Jusco supermarket, a Japanese brand that is a bit more expensive than other supermarkets but offers a good selection of foreign foods and seems to have good quality stuff as well. There is also a modern cinema Broadway Circuit and some basketball arcade games.

On saturday evening it can be very busy in the barstreet at the West side of Coco park. We went there in february 2009 and it was literally packed with people around 23:30 in the evening. Most other parts of the city are pretty deserted at this time.  

One of the entrances to Coco park



Spring Festival 2008 in Coco park. Looking from the top down into Coco Park.


Coco Park with Jusco supermarket on the bottom and Super Steak restaurant on the top (3rd floor).

Coco Park south entrance at 27th November 2010. They just finished the Christmas decorations

Taken same day as previous photo, going down the escalator to the lower floor of Coco Park. In the background the CBD (Central Business District) buildings are visible.


New (December 2010) HOLA interior decoration shop at Coco Park

Inside Coco park



How to get there?

Address:  Coco park, Fuhua Rd. 3, Futian district Shenzhen

Subway is most convenient: take the GouWuGongYuan stop and you are immediately inside Coco park.

Openings hours:  10am - 10pm; friday and saturday until 10:30pm. Subway also closes at 10pm during the weekdays, so it's better to leave before that time.


Across the road (to the south) you will find the Dreams-On department store .

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