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Citic City Plaza
Citic City Plaza is a high-end shopping mall in Futian district. We don't often go to Citic Plaza because most of the shops are luxury international brands. If you want some Gucci, DG, Louis Vuitton, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior etc, then Citic plaza definitely has all you need. Citic Plaza is comparable to Mixc in this regard. Below ground you'll also find a very big Jusco supermarket.

Citic City Plaza

On the same floor as the Jusco supermarket is also a small food court. Jusco is one of the better supermarkets in the city and also a little bit more expensive than your local neighbourhood market, but they carry quite a lot of Western (and Japanese) foods. I guess only Ole supermarket has more Western foods. The upper levels of Citic Plaza are usually very empty, because most people just go to Jusco or some of the cheaper shops on the bottom level. There are several restaurants as well at Citic Plaza. We went to the very good Shanghainese restaurant YuYuan , but fastfood chains such as KFC and Pizza Hut are also present.

In front of the Citic Plaza building is a big square and one one side of the square are various bars. It's even called "International Bar Street" and in the evening can be quite busy.


Front of Citic City Plaza with the logo

Front of Citic City Plaza with advertisements for Seibu, Jusco, Pizza Hut and various other brands. To the right (not really visible) is the bar street.

The bar street during the day, still empty.

Inside Citic Plaza, lots of very expensive brands and quite empty

Inside the Jusco supermarket

Small food court next to Jusco

How to get there?
Citic City Plaza is located in Futian district between SEG and Dong Men and it's easiest to take the subway to KeXueGuan (Science Museum) and then take exit D and walk underground to the plaza. One stop further is the other high-end shopping mall MixC .

Open: daily from 10:30am to 10pm

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Jesse     | |2010-08-14 23:46:10
I remember when Jusco was perhaps the only real shopping mall in Shenzhen, back in 2004. How things have changed since then...

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