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Area around SEG electronics market

SEG electronics market (赛格电子市场) in Futian is the best place in Shenzhen to find every kind of hardware for your computer. It's a very high building and the first floors house hundreds of small computer stores. At the first floor you can buy small chips and other stuff, at the higher floors you will find USB-stuff, videocards, laptops, processors, memory and everything else you need to build a PC. You can bargain here, especially if there are no prices on display.

Around SEG there are many other shops. In fact there are two main shopping streets around SEG. On the street stretching to Shanghai hotel there are more electronics stores (selling Wii, PS3 and XBox360), but also big department stores with clothes, shoes, cosmetics, home appliances and so on.

Also on this street is the famous 'Foreign Trade Market' where you can buy cheap 'brand' clothes in big sizes. Look for some bargain XL shirts and shoes here! It is located a bit to the back of the main street, next to a KFC and Starbucks. There are also many restaurants in this area including Western restaurants like McDonalds, Pizzahut, KFC etc. Good place for shopping!






9/10 for buying electronics, 8/10 for clothes, shoes and home appliances.

How to get there? 

Many busses go here.

Metro is also possible: Exit A of Huaqiang Lu station will bring you out on the corner of Huaqiang Bei Lu and Huaqiang Zhong Lu; the market is on the opposite side of the street.

If you take a taxi tell the driver to take you to Huaqiang Bei Saige Dianzi Shichang.



Moi department store on the right with in the distance the tall SEG building



Crossing the street in the shopping area around SEG
New crossing for pedestrians around Moi department store.
Normally it is more busy, it was not so busy due to the Olympics probably.

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rachna  - shenzen shoping   | |2011-06-05 22:23:49
hi!i am visiting shenzen with my family and need advice> we will be staying there for a night. we want to buy good quality luggage reasonably priced,ladies hand bags,women and mens clothing and shoes. since we are 11 of us and with only one day please advice which mall to go to so that everybody finds things of there choice. also i would like to know that international brands are cheaper in shenzen then rest of the world.
teddy  - shenzhen tendroid for huaqiangbei electronic marke   | |2011-12-21 12:42:42
for shenzhen huaqiangbei electronic market shopping

1: for phone accessory: saige communication market second.,
2: for china oem pad: sangda market
3: for electronic gadget: foreign trade digital market
4: for china phone: mingtong market
5: for usb,.headphone.,earphone,speaker: zhongdian market
6:for cctv: pacific security market
7:for phone internal parts: pangyuan communication market
8:for huaqianbei item sourcing : shenzhen tendroid international buying and sourcing company.,,+861509993722
9:for led: new huaqiang electronic world 6 floor
10: for ic and tool: saige building 1-2 floor.
11: for laptop parts: old huaqiang electroinc world 3rd floor

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