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Work visa and foreign expert certificate
To renew your work visa in China, you will also need to extend your foreign expert certificate. First you need to take care fo your expert certificate. For this you need special photos with barcode (at least in Shenzhen). Photoshops will know what you need. You also need to show your employment contract. For the visa itself, you need to show your expert certificate obviously, again photos with barcode, an application form and 800 RMB. This year you don't need to submit the application in person anymore, though last year it was required to do so. In short:

Provide the following documents to extend your visa:

Foreign Expert Certificate Extension
  1. online form application
  2. pictures X4 with barcode
  3. employment contract (original & copy)
  4. passport (original, copies of visa & front page)

Visa extension
  1. renewed Foreign Expert Certificate
  2. pictures X4 with barcode
  3. passport (original)
  4. application form (.doc)
  5. RMB800 in cash

Usually it's good to start the process about 3-4 weeks in advance, to make sure you have enough time.
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Michiel  - differs greatly   | |2010-08-02 22:25:28
Procedures seem to differ greatly depending what city you live in. I've been in Suzhou for more than seven years and have never had to show up in person for any paperwork. Photos (only need 2x) don't need bar-codes and for your work sticker you don't need a foreign expert certificate. Contract is only needed the first time, after that renewals are fairly painless. Also doesn't cost as much, afaik.

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