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Removal old urban village Dachong
For months now they have been busy removing the old houses in the Da Chong area of Nanshan district in Shenzhen. In March 2010 we saw lots of people protesting at the exact same spot, but apparently (and not surprisingly) the disputes have been largely settled and not much is left of the many buildings. I must say that this was one of the older neighborhoods and didn't look very nice. My wife lived there once though and it served a purpose: cheap housing and centrally located. That central location must have been too good though, because there are plans to build many new houses. It's next to the Shenzhen Hi-Tech park and the subway, so I can imagine that the government wanted to modernize. In total 1400 buildings will be demolished over an area of 1 million square meters. Nobody can say they don't do it thoroughly in Shenzhen :) The project is scheduled for completion in 2017, but considering the scale I assume it will be a few years later, even with the famous Shenzhen speed of building.

Here are the photos taken today in the heat of the Shenzhen summer (over 30C today!):

the end of the old Da Chong neighborhood

All buildings in the front have been removed, only some rubble remains. On the left is part of a building visible that is still inhabited

zoomed in a bit
This building will apparently not be demolished

Hard at work on removing the next building.

Useful materials such as metal is always being separated for recycling.

In the middle of all this destruction is a temple that will not be removed.

plan for the future of Dachong, I was taking photos from the big road on the left that leads to the top of the picture. It's really a huge project.

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