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Panoramic photos Shenzhen
Today the weather was very beautiful, so around 1 o'clock in the midday I went to the highest floor of the new Tencent office and took these photos from Shenzhen. There are two panoramic photos, one looking towards Hong Kong and one towards the North and some photos in other directions. It gives quite a good impression of Shenzhen and especially Nanshan district:

Shenzhen Hi-Tech park

This panorama is looking towards the South of Shenzhen. On the left, across the water is Hong Kong. The two hills on the right side are the center of Shekou sub-district. On the foreground part of Shenzhen University is visible. Click for a bigger version

Zoomed in to show the bridge connecting Shekou and Hong Kong. The artificial lake is where the F1 powerboat races in Shenzhen are held.

The panorama is taken looking to the North. On the left (West) is Bao'an district and to the right (East) would be Futian district. Over the mountains you can barely see far away parts of Shenzhen. Click for a bigger version

This photo looks to the West, with Bao'an on the top right. In the distance in the middle you see part of the sea and across the water lies Zhuhai

Now looking to the East, towards Futian district. On the next photo I zoom in a little bit:

Zoomed in from the previous photo, the buildings from the Nanshan HiTech park are clearly visible (ZTE, TCL) and in the background you can barely see the skyscrapers that make up the CBD (Central Business District) in Futian district. The building with the top that looks a bit like V (middle distance), is the Merchant's Bank HQ.

And this is where I took the photos:  the top of the new headquarter of Tencent (QQ) in Shenzhen!

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echou  - Very nice photoes!!!   | |2010-08-14 16:24:24
dustin  - i want to get the opportunity for the top of Tecen     | |2010-10-26 23:28:54
Dear Thijs Terlouw,

I want to get the top of the new headquarter of tencent,
But maybe not the opportunity
Smartree  - That so beautiful     | |2011-07-06 11:07:37
So many years living in Shenzhen, Until now, only to find she is so beautiful!
Very nice too...
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