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Jobs in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is quite an international city and there are plenty of jobs for foreigners, but most positions are for English teachers. There are a few job sites for foreigners in Shenzhen:

ShenzhenStuff classifieds

ShenzhenParty classifieds

Besides these two websites, there are various Chinese jobsites (51job, zhaopin etc) that also cover Shenzhen. These sites are mainly targeting a Chinese audience.

Teachers in Shenzhen should be native English speakers with at least a BSc. degree and can expect a salary over 10.000Y/month, accommodation and relaxing working hours.


My person story:

when I first came to Shenzhen in early 2006 I also found it very hard to find an interesting job, even though with my background (MSc. Computer Science) I would have been able to easily find a job in the Netherlands. I first did some freelance work, and was lucky that Tencent hired me as a recent graduate without working experience.

At the moment, because of the financial crisis, it is much more difficult to find a job. Tencent for example is also hiring fewer people and only considers people with exceptional technical skills. If you want to come to Shenzhen now, perhaps you could consider first studying Chinese for a few months at Shenzhen Universit. It will look great on your resume, you will come into contact with more people in Shenzhen, have more time to look for jobs and it's just very useful :)

When you study Chinese, you can also apply for a special student visa which has a longer validity than normal tourist visas I believe.


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