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International schools Shenzhen
Shenzhen has a large expat community nowadays and many people bring their children to the city. Many foreigners like to send their children to International schools and kindergartens in the city, but some also opt to pick local Chinese schools. There certainly are many good local Chinese schools and this allows your child to learn Mandarin at a native level. This page will give an overview of the international schools in Shenzhen and also provides some tips about picking a local Chinese school. International schools such as SIS in Shekou are not cheap: they cost well over 150.000 RMB per year! Even good Chinese kindergartens are not cheap though, starting at well over 1000 RMB/month.

Nanshan (Shekou) district

N1. Peninsula Kindergarten School

This school uses the Montessori approach combined with the education of science and art in a bilingual (Chinese and English) environment. The school offers curricula for ages 1.5-3 and 3-6 years old. No information about school fees.

Phase 1, The Peninsula, No.1 Jinshiji Road, Dongjiaotou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen



N2. QSI, Quality Schools International (Shekou)

QSI is a private global non-profit organization. QSI Shekou has modern school and sports facilities such as labs, a 400m track, play area, basket ball courts and gymnasium. The school offers several different programs:
  • The Early Childhood Program (2,3,4 years old) (develop learning readiness, physical coordination and development, and the social skills necessary to be successful in a classroom setting)
  • 5 Year Old Program (develops skills and attitudes children need for academic disciplines such as Reading, Mathematics, Science, Music, Art, Computer)
  • Age Levels 6 through 10 Years Elementary School students take a full program of Mathematics, Reading and Language Arts, Science, Culture Studies, Art, Music, Computers and Physical Education. Mandarin is taught as a foreign language.
  • Age Levels 11 through 13 (Middle School)
  • Secondary Levels I-IV (Secondary School) The secondary program prepares students for colleges and universities in the United States and other countries.

The school offers school buses and lunches (at additional costs). . QSI Shekou is the only school authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program and offers a broad selection of Advanced Placement (AP) courses as well. Lots of detailed information on their website. They have 950 students from 40 countries currently.

Bitao Building 8 Tai Zi Road Shekou Shenzhen 518067 China



website: (QSI page) (Shekou school page)

N3. SIS, Shekou International School

Shekou International School is a non-profit school originally founded by oil companies in 1988, but now sponsored by International School Services. It is the oldest international school in Shenzhen. ISS is based in Princeton, New Jersey USA. The school offers programs for children aged 2 to 18. The school has two locations in Shekou: Jingshan Villas and Bayside. SIS is the first international school in Guangdong to hold the Chinese NCCT (National Council of Curriculum and Textbooks) accreditation as well. Tuition for kindergarten is 132K RMB, elementary and middle school is 148K RMB and high school is 156K RMB per year. Shekou International School presently has over 650 students representing 40 different countries. Among them 20% are American, 55% are Asian and 20% are European.


Shekou International School, Jing Shan Villas, Nanhai Blvd Shenzhen, Guangdong 518067



N4. International School of Sino-Canada

The International School of Sino-Canada (ISSC) was founded in 2002. ISSC teachers are hired in Canada by “Atlantic Education International” and then sent to China. Students will receive a program that is fully certified and inspected by the Department of Education from New Brunswick, Canada. Graduates will receive a regular Canadian diploma and transcript. The school offers programs for pre-grade one and grade one to five (elementary school), middle school and high school. Tuition for high school is US$ 7500.00 per term (about 51K RMB).


166 Nanguang Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen



N5. Shenzhen American International School

The SAIS school was created by the efforts of a group of businessmen from Shenzhen and Lee Academy of Lee, Maine USA. The school offers Pre-school and Kindergarten as well as grade 1 - 8 (American system). High school tuition fees are 95,250 RMB per year but include free lunch, transport and books. The school now has 163 students from more than 15 countries.

Podium, Meishulanshan Garden Building, NO.116, Wenxin Er Road,Nanshan District, Shenzhen



N6. MKC (Manhatten Kids Club) International Kindergarten
This school has 4 big campusses in Shenzhen in both Nanshan district and in Futian. Kindergarten is for ages 2-6 and the school offers an after-school programs for ages 3-12. It teaches an American curriculum with certified teachers.

  • Manhattan Kids Club: Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District
  • Manhattan Kids Club: Xiyuan Xiang Mi Hu Road, Futian District
  • MKC Bilingual: Luhai Mingdu Xuefu Road Nanshan District
  • MKC Billingual: Bihua Tinju Mei Xiu Road Futian District



Futian district

F1.  QSI, Quality Schools International (Futian)

Similar in setup as the QSI in Shekou, but this one is located in Futian district. It started in 2006 and seems more small-scale than the one in Shekou. It provides education in English for elementary students of 2 years through 13 years of age. This branch has 100 students as of 2010.

8063 Hongli West Road Futian District, Shenzhen

website: (QSI page)

F2. Green Oasis International School

Green Oasis offers the CIPP (University of Cambridge International Primary), CLSP and IPC. It provides programs for children aged 4 to 14 and has classes in Mandarin and Maths that meet national standards. Green Oasis has professional facilities, labs and so on. The campus is located near Shenzhen's Central Park, close to SEG.


Tianmian, Shennan Rd. Shenzhen


F3. Boya shixia No.1 kindergarten

This kindergarten is located next to the primary school with the same name. I live very close by this kindergarten and although I do not see any foreign kids there, it is also called an "international kindergarten". They have a colorful school and nice play area outdoors and the roads around this school are quiet, so that's great for safety.

Tuition, according to a Chinese bbs post, for kindergarten in 2009 was about 1850RMB/month that includes school fee and food and excludes books and clothes. You can drop your kids off at 7:45 - 8:20 and pick up at 16:30 - 17:30. Before your kid can enter the school, he or she needs to pass a health check. They seem to have 1 or 2 English teachers (judging by the photos on the website).


ShiXiaBeiSiJie no.4, Futian district, Shenzhen

website:  (Chinese, tiny bit English)

F4. Victoria Kindergarten
This kindergarten is affiliated to Hong Kong Educational Organisation. According to a BBS post, this one costs over 3000 RMB/month! They advertise with giving the children half of the education in English (so each day half a day!). The photos from the website look impressive.

Xinzhou No 2 St,,Fuqiang Rd, Fu TianDistrict, Shenzhen



F5. SheckHard Kindergarten
SheckHard Kindergarten is another kindergarten in Futian district, somewhere behind Rainbow/McDonalds/Merchants bank, not far away from F3 Boya above.

No.247 ShiXia East Village Fumin Road,Futian district, Shenzhen



F6. Funful bilingual School
This school offers International secondaru Courses for Year 7 students. The school provides IB (Internatational Baccalaureate) PYP program for Kindergarten and Primary school students. English is taught in small classes by native English teachers. The school also can assist pupils in student visa applications.




F7. Hai Lida International Early Childhood Education Center
They have various branches throughout the city and are one of the oldest international schools in Shenzhen: 2 in Luohu, 2 in Futian, 1 in Baoan, 1 in Bantian, though not all of these branches accept toddlers. They have English speaking staff.


Bao'An district

B1. OEC International School

This school is located close to the airport in Bao'An district and advertises as being an international school, but from the website (partly Chinese) it seems their audience is more Chinese than foreign parents. Costs up to 65K RMB per year for high school.

No 10, Xuezi Road, Bao An Education Town, Bao An District, Shenzhen

website: (Chinese)

B2. LEADS International Kindergarten

International Education Group is an international education institution which is jointly managed by the children education experts in University of California and the well-known education experts of Montessori.


Xuefu Road,Bao’an Education City, Bao An District, Shenzhen City (next to Shenzhen Oriental English College above)



Nurseries for toddlers / day-care for babies 0-2 years

There are no nurseries or day-care centers for babies aged 0-2 in China. Unlike in the West, where families often bring their young baby to a daycare center while they go back to work, Chinese do not have this habit. In general new Chinese parents will hire a ayi to do housework and look after the baby (most often this ayi lives with them as well), otherwise the parents of the husband are expected to live with them in the same house and take care of their grandchild. The 3rd option is that the mother stops working, at least untill the baby is 2 years old and can go to regular kindergarten. People are afraid that if they bring their young baby to a nursery, they will not look after the baby good. When you hire an ayi that doesn't live with you, they are afraid the ayi will steal your baby and sell it! People prefer to live with the ayi so they can keep an eye on her.

Activity Centers for Children
There are various activity centers for children of all ages in Shenzhen.

A1: KindyRoo (Australian) Early Childhood Development Academy
They have various branches in Shenzhen and offer classes of 1 hour for babies for example. No full-time daycare is available. We went to the branch in Futian near Coco Park and it's very expensive!


A2: K-Plaza Learning shopping mall

K-Plaza is located in Nanshan district, near the Nanshan book city and Nanshan Children's World. It's a big building with mostly educational companies providing training for English, Japanese, music, art, chess, etc. K-plaza is also the sole agent for a new children English online paper called Daily 7 ( The management speaks English, so that's a good thing for expat parents.

K-Plaza main entrance

Location K-Plaza in Nanshan district near the Nanshan Book City


A3: Shenzhen Futian Children's Palace
When the children are a bit older (aged 5+) they can enjoy various activities in this huge center in Futian district. I have written a special article about the Children's Palace .

Chinese schools

International schools, especially the ones run by foreigners, are very expensive. Another reason to choose for Chinese schools is the fact that your child goes through the rigors of the Chinese school system. He or she will learn Chinese better and the math skills of Chinese students are generally better than what I see in the West. There are many very good Chinese schools with good facilities as well. In my neighborhood I can see several schools with running tracks, colorful playing areas etc (update: Boya kindergarten); stuff I didn't have when I grew up in the Netherlands. Local Chinese schools can be government-owned or private. Unless you speak Mandarin or Cantonese, it's best to ask a Chinese friend for advice on picking a Chinese school. The tuition for foreign and Chinese students is probably the same, but we're not totally sure. The costs should be much much lower than the private international schools. Perhaps 1000 RMB / year, but we still need to figure this out later :)

How to apply to Chinese school

Not every school is allowed to accept foreign students according to some Chinese documents from the Education Bureau of Shenzhen. The schools apparently needs to be "good" according to some standards set by the Bureau. We also found out something interesting: foreign kids do not need to study Politics in school. Too bad, I already wanted to prepare my kid with lots of critical questions for the politics classes :)

Guide for foreign students to apply for schools in Shenzhen (Chinese source document):
1. you need to find a school that is willing/able to accept a foreign student
2. they will give you some form, with that form you go to the district office of the education bureau
3. with that form, go to the citizens center to the shenzhen education bureau and they will handle it
4. hand in lots of documents (see chinese document, I don't understand so good)

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