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Expats in Shenzhen

When I first came to Shenzhen at the end of 2005, there were very few foreigners on the streets. This was probably partially due to the fact that I lived in Nanshan district in a modest appartment. After I moved to Futian district in 2007, I noticed more foreigners but recently the number seems to have increased even more. For example before the Olympic Games in 2008 there really seemed to be fewer, but now at the end of 2009 it's a miracle if you don't see other foreigners.



An article in ShenzhenDaily today also confirmed this observation. There are about 30.000 registered foreigners in Shenzhen:

" The figure includes 9,561 foreigners who obtained work permits issued by the labor authority, and another 10,000-plus foreign experts who were assigned to work in enterprises and institutions, and registered at the Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

    Sources from the labor authority said 9,561 possessed work permits issued by the labor authority by Nov. 30. Among them, 3,225 are from Japan and 1,153 are from South Korea, followed by Filipinos, Americans, Indians, Singaporeans and Canadians.

    Most work in the manufacturing industry, accounting for 55 percent of the total. Sixteen percent work for representative offices of foreign enterprises and institutions stationed in Shenzhen. The number of foreigners working in the high-tech industry accounts for 7 percent."

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